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Four Beast Mountains Forest Project: Upgrading a Local Recreational Destination

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Post date:2020-04-29



Legends say that when he arrived at the Taipei Basin with his army, Cheng Cheng-kung surveyed the surrounding Nangang mountain range from his base at Xikou (today’s Songshan District) and noticed several mountain peaks. The four peaks reminded him of the celestial beasts of tiger, leopard, lion, and elephant – hence the names we have today.
Four Beast Mountains Forest Project: Upgrading a Local Recreational Destination
The Elephant Mountain is a great place to take in the mesmerizing view of the Taipei Basin and Taipei 101, while the Tiger Mountain Hiking Trail guides travelers across various ecological and attractive locations along the way. The new wetland park on Leopard Mountain has also been completed in March 2020.

Since an initial meeting between Mayor Ko Wen-je and 5 borough chiefs from nearby community bordering Four Beast Mountains on May 16, 2018, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) began the implementation of the Four Beast Mountains Comprehensive Assessment Plan per instruction of the mayor. The assessment was completed in 2019.

According to GEO, the new improvement plan for the Four Beast Mountains concentrate primarily on the hillsides, which span nearly 1,905 hectares of the total area. Among these, geological hazard-sensitive area accounts for 11.26% of the land, while protection forest and conservation area take up 37% and 83.14% respectively. The percentage of 4th-level slope land or steeper is 65.68%. The parameters of the improvement project span the Nangang mountain range, traversing 6 boroughs across Xinyi and Nangang districts. Planned upgrades include hiking trails, roads, creeks, parks, public restrooms, drinking fountain, wastewater processing, and more.

Chief Chen of GEO’s Industrial and Trail Section noted that the projects will be carried out in the following order: Tiger, Leopard and Lion, and Elephant mountain. The schedule for 2020 will be on improving signs along the trail, as well as railings, trail pavement, and observation deck on Tiger Mountain Hiking Trail.

For more information on Taipei’s hiking trails, please visit the following website.