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Beef Noodle Competition Sees 74 Restaurants Competing for Top Honor

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Post date:2020-10-22



The tasty beef noodle is one of Taiwan’s most celebrated cuisine and is also a major gourmet attraction of Taipei City. The Taipei City Beef Noodle Exchange and Development Association is holding the 2020 Taipei City Beef Noodle International Competition, with participants competing under the categories of clear-stewed, braised, and tomato-based broth.
According to the organizer, a total of 74 restaurants have advanced to the final rounds. These restaurants hail from across the island and will meet in Taipei to demonstrate the diversity and variations of beef noodles, as well as showcasing the vitality of the beef noodle scene as a part of Taipei’s gourmet culture.
Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan pointed out that beef noodle is one of iconic dishes of Taiwan. Taipei City boasts a large number of beef noodle restaurants – including ones known for its long history, high popularity, unique characteristics, and more. In recent years, the city government has been proactive in marketing beef noodles. Beginning in 2015, it moved behind the scene, with Taipei City Beef Noodle Exchange and Development Association taking over the initiative.
Association Chairman Cheng Cheng-chung pointed out that the categories for this year’s competition is based on the respective broth. Hopefully, the competition will encourage a healthy exchange among the participants and further improve the quality of beef noodle offerings. The event also involves a special promotion for the top award winners of 2020 between October 21 and 31. During this period, customers ordering beef noodles at these shops are entitled to a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Also, those who’s Chinese zodiac animal is the ox will also receive a complementary side order with their beef noodle.
To promote beef noodles, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) has joined hands with LINE to set up an official account promoting the delicacy . For more information on the beef noodle competition, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of the Association, Fun Taipei , or TCOOC’s Facebook fan page.

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