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Xihu Friday Food Party Highlights Gourmet Delights

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Post date:2020-11-10



To promote the fine dining choices at Xihu Commercial District, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) joined hands with Taipei City Xihu Commercial District Promotion Association in organizing the Xihu Delicious Food Party Friday Achievements Press Conference at the 285 Plaza outside MRT Xihu Station.

The organizers invited internet celebrity YuYu to promote the numerous delicacies available at neighborhood restaurants and stalls. Over 20 business owners from the commercial district joined hands to implement the “Xihu Treasure Map” promotion campaign. From today through November 15, customers shopping at participating stores can enjoy a wide range of discounts and bargains.
Xihu Friday Food Party Highlights Gourmet Delights
According to TCOOC Deputy Director Jiang Mei-ling, the Xihu Commercial District is located in the vicinity of MRT Xihu Station. Its close proximity to a mass transit hub also places the commercial district at the center of Taiwan’s ICT industry. Restaurants in the neighborhood include a well mix of international chains and traditional eateries, offering customers, whether neighborhood residents or tech park workers, a diverse selection to satisfy their taste buds.

TCOOC has assisted the commercial district in promoting its local characteristics through activities such as 2014 Xihu Chinese Valentines Festival, Tech Town Secret Dining Bases@Xihu Commercial District Picnic Day, and Xihu Midsummer Music Festival in past years.

Chairperson Wang Lung-po of Xihu Commercial District Promotion Association remarked that the commercial district is a place which integrates traditional culture and innovation. This year’s Food Party Friday event calls upon local diners to jointly promote the charm of the commercial district. For example, activities including street artist performances and seminars were held in the evening of October 16, 23, and 30, inviting workers to set aside their busy life and sit in for some relaxing music or informative lectures bringing new ideas and concepts.

For more information on Xihu Commercial District, please visit its Chinese Facebook fan page  or the fan page of TCOOC .
Xihu Friday Food Party Highlights Gourmet Delights

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