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New Visitor Control Measures Take Effect at Beitou Hot Spring Foot Spa Pool

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Post date:2020-12-16



To minimize possible spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, the city government announced that visitor flow control measures will be implemented at the public foot-soaking pools in Beitou District during the winter season.

With the reopening of the foot baths at Fuxing Park, Quanyuan Park, and Sulfur Valley on December 9, the authority has announced the following adjustments:
  1. Opening Hours: 8 AM through 5 PM (Tuesday through Sunday). The facilities will be vacated during break time between noon and 1 PM. Visitors need to pick up a number from the queuing machine and enter when the number is called. Upon reaching max capacity, no additional visitor will be admitted until someone turns in his or her number upon leaving.
  2. Facility Disinfection: The staff will perform disinfection and cleaning between noon and 1 PM. Efforts will focus on surfaces seeing frequent contact.
  3. Safe Distancing: Individual will be seated at least 1 meter apart from each other (maximum capacity of facilities is 115 users).
  4. Visitors must wear mask at all times.
  5. Entry points are equipped with rubbing alcohol dispensers for cleaning hands.

Quanyuan Park Hot Spring Foot Spa Pool
Location: The facility is situated right across from Yifang Elementary School (Address: No. 155, Zhuhai Road, Beitou District, Taipei City).
  1. Take S28 at MRT Beitou Station and disembark at Quanyuan Park Stop
  2. Take buses 230, S7, S22, or S26 at MRT Beitou Station and disembark at Chunghwa Post Training Institute Stop.

Sulfur Valley Hot Spring Foot Spa Pool
Location: Diagonally opposite No. 77, Quanyuan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City, inside Yangmingshan National Park’s Sulfur Valley Recreation Area.
Direction: Sulfur Valley hot spring foot spa pool offers convenient parking. Visitors can also take bus S7, S9, or S26 at MRT Beitou Station and disembark at Mituo Temple Stop.

Fuxing Park Hot Spring Foot Spa Pool
Location: Opposite No. 61, Zhonghe St., Beitou Dist., Taipei City
(1) MRT: Exit MRT Xinbeitou Station and walk to the left for about 250 meters to reach the destination.
(2) Bus: Xinbeitou Stop (216 Shuttle, 218, 218 Shuttle, 218 Express, 223, 266, 602, S6, NH16, NK [Beitou]). Beitou Park Stop (bus 129, 230, S7, S9, S22, S26).