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City Hall, National Geographic Channel Complete Taipei Grand Trail Documentary

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Post date:2020-12-16



Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the premiere of Inside: Taipei Grand Trail on December 8. The documentary is the result of a 2-year collaboration between city hall and National Geographic Channel.

During his address, the mayor noted that there’s actually an interesting story behind the project. After he took office, he had the opportunity to check out various locations and later discovered that there are many scenic spots which the public knew little about. Since Taipei is situated within a basin, if one stands at the center of the city, every road leading outward can be seen as the starting point of a hiking trail. Two years ago, during a conversation with Deputy Mayor Pong Cheng-sheng, he expressed his full support for Pong’s ideal of creating a Taipei Grand Trail. The 92-kilometer long trail was made possible through detailed planning.

The various attractions along the Taipei Grand Trail each have unique traits. For example, Zhuzihu boasts beautiful flowers such as calla lilies and hydrangeas, while a number of strawberry farms are located near Baishihu. Some travelers would take their time watching planes landing and taking off at Songshan Airport, while others prefer snack and tea at Maokong.

The mayor pointed out that Taipei Grand Trail boasts two major characteristics – convenient access and pick-your-own challenge level. The trail entrances can be easily accessed by means of public transportation – whether via MRT or YouBike. The trail itself also offers different degree of challenges – from routes that test athletes to those easy enough for young kids. Therefore, hikers can pick and choose ones to their likings.

Ko remarked that having never climbed the mountain ranges surrounding Taipei, he is surprised to find that so many citizens enjoy hiking and camping. He also expressed his hope that the film can be aired across countries in East and southeast Asia, thereby attracting more visitors once the pandemic subsides.