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Flowers Bloom and Birds at Dagouxi Waterfront Park

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Post date:2021-02-08


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


The sea of flowers at the Dagouxi Waterfront Park in Neihu District is back! Over 40,000 blooming flowers, including begonia, French marigold, and sweet viola welcome the arrival of spring. The best time to enjoy the scene of blooms is mid-February, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!
Flowers Bloom and Birds at Dagouxi Waterfront Park
Access to the waterfront park is convenient and only takes a short 10-minute walk from MRT Dahu Park Station. The entrance is easily noticeable, with 5 bamboo-knit chickens welcoming visitors next to the steps.
According to the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), the Dagouxi Waterfront Park is the first eco park in Taipei to merge leisure with the functions of a riparian buffer to enhance riverbank stabilization. The facility plays a key role, since the water of Dagouxi River passes through the various bodies of waters and forests located in the vicinity of Wuzhishan Mountain.
Flowers Bloom and Birds at Dagouxi Waterfront Park
Equally important is the park’s role as a natural habitat. HEO pointed out that in a recent survey, the Dagouxi ecosystem showed records of visits by over 40 different kind of birds. For lucky visitors, he or she might be able to catch a glimpse of rare avian such as Taiwan barbet, Taiwan blue magpie, crested serpent eagle, oriental honey buzzard, and crested goshawk!

For a map of the Dagouxi Waterfront Park, visit this link:

Public Transportation
Buses: Take Bus S3 to Dahu Elementary School stop. Head in the direction and walk along Dahushanzhuang Street until reaching the entrance of the Dagouxi Waterfront Park at the end of the road. Alternatively, take buses 247, 267, 284, 620, 630, 677, 681, 683, R2, R31, or Neihu Main Line to MRT Dahu Park MRT Station stop.
MRT: Take the MRT and disembark at the MRT Dahu Lake Station. Proceed along Dahushanzhuang Street for roughly 1 kilometer until arriving at the Dagouxi Waterfront Park.
YouBike: Rental stations in the vicinity include: MRT Dahu Park Station (Exit 2), MRT Neihu Station (Exit 1), Chengong Road Jinlong Road intersection, Xingyun Jinhu Steet intersection, and MRT Huzhou Station (Exit 1).

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