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[Level 3 COVID Alert] Schools, Crane Game Shops, Shrimp Fishing Stores Closed

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Post date:2021-05-19



During the press conference on pandemic prevention at 3:30 PM on May 17, Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that Taiwan Centers of Disease Control reported 333 new domestic cases for the day. He also added that Taipei’s COVID rapid test stations examined a total of 1,130 individuals for May 16. A total of 113 cases tested positive, yielding a positive rate of 10% and indicating the presence of a community cluster.

The mayor remarked that the city government announced the suspension of classes for high school and under between May 18 and 28 during an earlier press conference. The order also affects nurseries, childcare centers, and cram schools. He also called upon the Ministry of Education to consider suspending classes for colleges and universities. With positive rate reaching 10%, residents are encouraged to voluntarily reduce traveling and remain home as much as possible. Places of business, with the exception of those offering essential goods, are suggested to temporarily close to minimize the chances of transmission among people.
[Level 3 COVID Alert] Schools, Crane Game Shops, Shrimp Fishing Stores Closed
Regarding parents’ concern about taking time off work to look after young children, the mayor pointed out the following:
  1. Pandemic Prevention Caregiving Leave: Those eligible have to take care of kids under the age of 12 or disabled middle/high school children. This type of leave is unpaid. Employers who refuse may violate the Labor Standards Act and fined between NT$20,000 and NT$1 million.
  2. Pandemic Prevention Quarantine Leave: Those eligible include individuals who need to be isolated or quarantined, or serve as caregiver for such individuals. The leave is unpaid. Employers who refuse may be fined between NT$50,000 and NT$1 million in compliance with Article 16 of the Special Act of Prevention, Relief, and Revitalization Measures for Sever Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens.
  3. Family Caregiving Leave: Individuals filing for this leave seek to take care of family members who have severe illness or suffered some kind of major accident. The leave is unpaid. Employers who refuse may violate the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and face a fine between NT$20,000 and NT$300,000.
  4. Vaccination Leave: Those eligible for this leave include individuals vaccinated starting May 5, 2021 or those suffering from side effects after vaccination. The leave is unpaid. Employers who refuse may violate the Labor Standards Act and face fines between NT$20,000 and NT$1 million.

Regarding refunds of lunch plans, for students in high school (or under) from disadvantaged families, the payment for meals between May 18 and May 28 will be returned directly to either the student’s account or their legal guardian’s account.

According to the mayor, due to the spike in confirmed cases over the past 3 days, the strategy now should be “precise containment” and people should adopt the attitude that the virus already exist in the surrounding. Those showing symptoms should be given priority to rapid tests as a way for optimizing medical resource allocation. Those who’ve tested positive will be assigned to quarantine hotels or Taipei City Hospitals and asked to provide their history up to 3 days before showing symptoms for contact tracing purposes. Those coming into contact with confirmed cases and showing symptoms should visit the rapid test stations as soon as possible. Those without symptoms should stay home and continue monitoring their own health for at least 7 days.

Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan announced that the following will be included on the list of closed businesses during this period: self-service vending machine stores; crane game stores without staff to manage, clean, and disinfect machines; fishing/shrimp fishing stores; board game shops, AR/VR, and restaurants with Karaoke options.

Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun briefed the public on the “continued learning” policy in place to complement the cancellation of classes up through May 28. Access to Taipei’s online learning platform CooC Cloud is available for students and faculty members in Taipei and 13 other municipalities. Students will be instructed on how to access the platform and continue courses by their school teachers.