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[Level 3 COVID Alert] TCOOC: Inventory of Daily Necessities Monitored

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Post date:2021-06-03



In light of the nationwide Level 3 COVID Alert, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) maintains channels of communication with major big box retailers, supermarkets, and convenience store chains across the city, It also continues to promote pandemic prevention measures to these businesses.

Safety measures for retailers and markets include the wearing of face mask by staff, placement of hand sanitizers at access control points, regular disinfection of surfaces and areas seeing frequent contact, social distancing, real contact info registration, and limiting entry points to one. The city government also suggested that venues can implement crowd flow control measures capping the total number of shoppers to 50% of the venue’s maximum capacity. This will help reduce the risk of spread.

Given the growing number of COVID cases in Taiwan, stores are seeing an influx of customers picking up large amount of goods. TCOOC is working with businesses to remain up-to-date on the inventory status of daily necessities such as powdered milk, rice, tissue paper, instant noodles, frozen food, cooking oil, and eggs. The inventory status is respectively represented by red, yellow, and green lights. Green light means the inventory exceeds twice the safety level; yellow light indicates the inventory is between twice and the safety level, and red light reflects stocks being depleted beyond the safety level. In the case of red and yellow lights, the agency will receive reports from the stores on whether there is a problem with restocking or supplies. It will then initiate the mechanism of working with the central government for follow-ups.
Supermarket staff taking the temperature of visitors
As of May 31, despite reports from some stores running low on instant noodles and noodles, there are no shortages in these products. Likewise, several shops also show yellow lights for tissue paper, frozen food and eggs. However, the situation has been resolved through timely restocking. The remaining commodities all have green lights.

With the Level 3 COVID Alert in place for the island, TCOOC reminds residents to make the most out of each shopping trip and limit visits to twice weekly. Such measures will contribute to the overall pandemic prevention effort. The public should also continue to observe measures such as wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.