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Taipei Zoo to Reopen August 1

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Post date:2021-07-30



Since closing its doors to the public on May 15 due to pandemic measures, Taipei Zoo will reopen on August 1. After 77 days of rest and recovery, the facility is ready to welcome kids and parents back to the wonderland of animal fun!

However, visitors are reminded to pay attention to new regulations in place to safeguard public health. Details are available here in Chinese (

Immediately after reopening, Taipei Zoo will lower the cap on the maximum visitors accepted each day to 3,600 between August 1 and 9. All visitors planning to come to the zoo are required to register beforehand. The day is split into morning session and afternoon session, with 1,800 openings for each time slot. As a part of crowd flow regulations, the number of people entering the zoo at each hour is kept at 600. The link to the registration website.
Taipei Zoo to Reopen August 1
As a part of pandemic prevention measures, indoor spaces and areas where there’s a possibility of close contact between visitors and animals will remain closed. Furthermore, shopping malls and stalls inside the facility, restaurants, baby stroller rentals, and lockers will remain closed as well.

Visitors should also comply with regulations such as mandatory face mask, contact-tracing registration, and social distancing. Eating and drinking inside the zoo is prohibited (with the exception of a quick intake of water or personal medication).
Taipei Zoo to Reopen August 1

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