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​Taipei Charity Meal Network Sees Support from Charity Organization, Companies

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Post date:2021-10-22



Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the “Taipei Charity Meal Network – Hope Dining Hall” press conference on October 12. On behalf of citizens, he expressed his gratitude to the organizations, stores, and individuals who support the project, helping to make Taipei’s social safety net more comprehensive.
Due to the pandemic, many low-income and disadvantaged families have suffered greatly under the economic downturn. The mayor pointed out that in line with the principles of private-public-partnership and taking care of all age groups, the city government established facilities such as charity meals, food banks, excess food exchange platform, and food-saving kitchen over the years. This year, with support from private sector partners’ diversified resources, the city government introduced the “Hope Dining Hall”.
Taipei Charity Meal Network Sees Support from Charity Organization, Companies 
The project brings together three major chain restaurants and nine food brands such as Bafang Dumplings, Liang She-han Buy Good, Formosa Chang, Mercuries Beef Noodle, Napoli Pizza, DonMono, Tonkatsu Company, Pin Chuan Lan, and Mercuries Plus. These companies design customized meals to safeguard the health of the disadvantaged citizens. Also, to look after the needs of vegetarians, the project also integrates resources from vegetable charity meals distribution points across the city to provide disadvantaged citizens meal services.
Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan noted that the Hope Dining Hall project integrates diversified meal resources and utilizes digitized platform to allow the public to look up availability in real time. In light of the pandemic and risk of spread from the lines of collecting lunchboxes, Taipei City Government teamed up with Eternal Music Production Company to set up the first “Smart Temperature Control Lunch Box Machine” in Wanhua District to provide homeless people hot meal services.
Social Welfare Commissioner Chou Yu-hsiu remarked that the funding of the Hope Dining Hall project is made possible through the contributions from Taipei (Host) Lions Club, Taipei Overseas Lions Club, Southwest Lions Club, Taipei NTUT Lions Club, Taipei Ritzy Lady Lions Club, and Shou Gang Development Company.