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Asteroid Day Online Amateur Seminar: Registration Now Open

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Post date:2022-06-24



An annual global occasion proclaimed by the United Nations in 2016, the International Asteroid Day on June 30 seeks to raise the public’s awareness of asteroids and the hazards of possible collision between these celestial bodies and earth.
Asteroid Day Online Amateur Seminar: Registration Now Open
To commemorate the occasion this year, Taipei Astronomical Museum (TAM) has joined hands with the Graduate Institute of Astronomy of National Central University (NCU) to organize the online event “Taiwan Asteroid Day Amateur Astronomy Seminar” between 1 PM and 5 PM on Saturday, June 25.
Guests speaking at the event include: Dr. Rex Chang from the Academia Sinica’s Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, who will be presenting on observations of small solar bodies; Dr. Yang Tzu-ruei from the National Museum of Natural History will share with the audience insights into the extinction of dinosaurs as a result of an asteroid colliding with earth; and Professor Chen Wen-ping of NCU will talk about how the public can utilize resources such as astronomical survey to take part in the search for asteroids. Chen will also introduce lecturer Lin Shih-chao and his team of fomer students at the Affiliated Senior High school of National Chung Hsing University, inviting them to speak about their journey to the discovery of Zhulong asteroid in the Kuiper Belt.
The International Asteroid Day also observes the anniversary of the Tunguska Impact which took place in Russia back in June 30, 1908. It is the most destructive asteroid impact incident in recorded history, annihilating roughly 2,150 square kilometers of woodland (roughly the size of eight Taipei Cities). Today, astronomers continue to monitor 2,270 potentially hazardous objects (PHO) in the night sky. That is why research and discovery of asteroids is important.
Over 32 nations around the globe will be holding over hundreds of events to commemorate International Asteroid Day. To register for the online seminar in Taipei, please visit the activity registration page on the Chinese website of TAM: Link