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New Majimeow-themed Train Spotted along Tamsui-Xinyi Line

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Post date:2022-07-21



Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) announced that Majimeow is back again to grace MRT trains with its presence, in the form of train wrapping!
Starting today, the “2022 Majimeow’s Treasure Hunt Adventures”- wrapped MRT train will serve the Tamsui-Xinyi Line through the end of March 2023. For those who want to catch a glimpse or take a photo of the special train, simply download the “Go! Taipei Metro” app on your smartphone and use it to find the train’s real time location.
New Majimeow-themed Train Spotted along Tamsui-Xinyi Line 
The Majimeow train is easy to spot, with the head of the train decorated by Majimeow wearing a captain’s hat and holding a ship’s wheel. The red-orangish color on the upper half of the train blends with the marine-blue color of the bottom half to create an image of the sea at sunset.
Furthermore, the family-friendly zone train cabins are marked by pink-color wraps and decoration, featuring Majimeow and his cute furry crew opening up treasure chests to find piles of gold coins. For those who want to locate these cabins, they can look for the pink-color signs marking the entrance of the “Family-friendly Zone” on the station platform and wait in line for the train to arrive.​​​​​​​
New Majimeow-themed Train Spotted along Tamsui-Xinyi Line 
To provide better services for passengers such as families with kids, pregnant mothers, and parents with baby carriage, TRTC designated the section between the fourth door of train cabin 3 and the first door of train cabin 4 along Tamsui-Xinyi, Songshan-Xindian, and Bannan lines as family-friendly zone starting in 2015. The family-friendly zone policy has been further extended to include trains serving the Zhonghe-Xinlu line beginning in July.
For more information, please visit the official Chinese website of TRTC ([Link]), call the Company’s 24-hour customer service hotline (02-218-12345), or dial the 1999 Citizens’ Service Hotline.