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HEO to Hold Exhibition on 24 Limited Edition Manhole Covers at City Hall

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Post date:2022-08-10



After receiving positive feedbacks regarding the first series of limited-edition manhole covers, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) unveiled the second series of the Taipei City limited-edition manhole cover in early July. The second series comprise 16 versions sporting designs that highlight the neighborhood characteristics of respective administrative districts.
HEO to Hold Exhibition on 24 Limited Edition Manhole Covers at City Hall 
Furthermore, HEO is holding an exhibition featuring all 16 specially-crafted manholes of the second series at the center lobby of Taipei City Hall between August 11 and 15. In addition to the second series, the 8 limited-edition manhole covers from the first series will be displayed at the exhibition as well. For individuals who prefer to see all 24 limited-edition manhole covers at one place, this is your chance!
The agency pointed out that the theme of the second series cover 8 city districts, including Beitou, Shilin, Zhongshan, Songshan, Neihu, Xinyi, Daan, and Wenshan. Each manhole cover design incorporates local attractions, such as Four Beasts Mountain for Xinyi District version, Taipei Zoo for Wenshan District version, and more.
Director Chen Kuo-cheng of HEO pointed out that with input from professional designers, the resulting public facility or structure can become more aesthetically pleasing. To this end, the agency commissioned a team of professional designers to work on the special manhole covers for Nangang, Wanhua, Datong, and Zhongzheng districts in 2020. Following this initial success, the 16 limited-edition manhole covers will be installed across the remaining 8 districts by the end of the year.
Taipei City Limited-edition Manhole Cover Exhibition
Venue: 1st Floor Center Lobby, Taipei City Hall
Date: August 11 – 15
Time: 9 AM – 6 PM
Free Admission
Taipei City Manhole Cover Fan Page on Facebook (Chinese): Link