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Volunteers Wanted at Shilin Residence

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Post date:2022-08-10



For those of you who are looking forward to serving visitors or putting your gardening skills to good use, here is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! The Shilin Residence is accepting applications for volunteers through August 31!
Volunteers Wanted at Shilin Residence 
The Shilin Residence is a must-visit for many international tourists and a destination for locals to enjoy a nice morning or afternoon walk during the weekends. The major flower festivals at the facility also attract large number of visitors. To allow the public to learn more about the historical and cultural context of the historical complex, as well as to introduce them to the surrounding landscape and flower displays, the management of the residence seeks volunteers with various expertise.
Director Huang Shu-ru of the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) remarked that the agency will organize a series of program for volunteers at the Shilin Residence between September 12 and 15. The training classes will cover the following areas: The Gardening World of Shilin Residence; Understanding the Growth Environment of Plant Life and Raising Plants; Guiding Eco Tours; Tour Guide Explanation Techniques, and more.
Chief Wu of PSLO’s Horticulture Section noted that Shilin Residence boast a rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as a vibrant natural environment. It is one of the few public green spaces in Taipei City for viewing blooming flowers and taking in fresh air. Facilities inside the park’s parameters include a rose garden that opens all-year-round and a large eco-pond. The venue also hosts seasonal events such as the Chrysanthemum Festival in autumn and the Tulip Festival in spring.
How to Apply (Note: Application Forms in Chinese)
Application Period: August 1 – 31
Details on Submitting Application: There are two ways to submit your application:
  • Paper Application: Please download the application from the website of PSLO ([Link]). Complete the forms and mail them to PSLO Horticulture Section (Address: No. 1, Lane 378, Zhongshan North Road Section 5, Shilin District, Taipei City) with “Shilin Residence Volunteer Application” labeled on the mail.  
  • Online Application: Visit the following link and fill out the required information online ([Link]).