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Professional Photographers Lead Taipei Grand Trail Photo Tour

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Post date:2022-08-25



The “Slow, Photos, and Old Places Tour”, which is a part of the Taipei Grand Trail Section 5 activity series, took place at the Jiantan Mountain Hiking Trail on August 21.
Led by well-known hiker-photographer Tsui Tsu-hsi and editor Hamycat of Photo EXP Website, participants learned about how to easily use their mobile phones to capture the beauty along the hiking trail. Marco Liao, the award-winning host of travel programs, also joined the hike.
Professional Photographers Lead Taipei Grand Trail Photo Tour 
To promote section 5 of Taipei Grand Trail which spans 13 kilometers between MRT Jiantan Station and Bishanyan, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) introduced the 4-session event for regular folks and a single session event for hiking enthusiasts. Through the tour, participants will have a chance to savor the beauty of Taipei Grand Trail through the lens of the smart phone.
The beginner’s route takes participants to destinations such as Breeze Platform and Old Place Observation Deck, where they can learn how to improve their mobile phone photography skills with help from professional photographers. For hiking enthusiasts, the more physically-challenging trip is led by professional guides from Titohiking. The hikers cover destinations including Wenjian Mountain, Koxinga Temple Hiking Trail, Yuanming Temple Trail, Zhongyongshan Trail, and Kaizhang Shengwang Temple.
Professional Photographers Lead Taipei Grand Trail Photo Tour 
There are places along the Jiantan Mountain Hiking Trail offering great views of landmarks such as Taipei 101, Tamsui River, and Keelung River. In addition to planes taking off and landing at Songshan Airport, lucky observers can also capture stunning photos of Guanyin Mountain sunset.
For more information on the 7+1 components of the Taipei Grand Trail and related activities, please visit the Taipei Travel Net ([Link]) or the official Chinese website of Taipei Grand Trail ([Link]).