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Mayor Attends Family Day Sustainability Promotion Event

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Post date:2023-05-24



On May 20, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the “Sustainability Now! Yes!” family day event organized by CS Broadcasting Corporation. He praised parents for bringing their kids to the event to experience an eco-friendly lifestyle, as well as to learn more about the topic of sustainable development.
Mayor Attends Family Day Sustainability Promotion Event
During his address, the mayor remarked that he has three kids who are about as old as many of the children in the audience. He is also very pleased to see so many parents bringing their kids to Daan Forest Park to take part in such a meaningful event. Expressing his gratitude to the event organizer CS Broadcasting Corporation, Chiang stressed that everyone should cherish our planet by helping to reduce carbon emission and conserve energy, enabling sustainable development. 

The mayor also took the opportunity to hold an impromptu quiz for kids, asking them how they can do to save our planet. Some of the students answered sorting garbage, while other suggested planting trees and don’t waste electricity. 

Regarding Taipei’s approach towards achieve sustainability, Chiang pointed out that the city government has joined cities and nations around the world to implement policies on 2050 Net Zero Emissions. He recalled that during his first time attending the Executive Yuan Meeting, he advocated the NT$1,200 monthly pass for Greater Taipei Area, hoping to provide the public with more incentives to utilize mass transit for commuting. He also asked the audience to support public transportation and take buses, trains, MRT and YouBike as much as possible.

Chiang also reminds kids to remember to turn off air conditioning and lights at home and at school when not in use. Keeping our environment tidy, sorting waste, and plant more trees are also ways to save our planet. He hopes that the performances and interactive games today can help to boost the environmental awareness of the younger participants.