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Summer Fun for Kids at Shezidao Wetlands

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Post date:2016-07-26



Summer Fun for Kids at Shezidao Wetlands

Summer Fun for Kids at Shezidao Wetlands

With summer vacation in full swing, parents are wondering where they can take their kids for some fun while offering them an opportunity for education. The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) invites the entire family to sign up for its “Wetland FUN Learning” activity starting July 23.

HEO pointed out that Shezidao boasts a rich wetland ecosystem, including three artificial wetlands at Sheliu, Daotou, and Shezidao. The inhabitants of these wetlands include fiddler crabs, mudskippers, and egrets.

The activities of the “Wetland FUN Learning” program include tours led by guides, introducing participants to the natural denizens of Shezidao wetlands. Other events include wildlife observation, plant material DIY lessons, showing of documentaries on wetland ecosystem, and games. Those successfully completing the program can bring home a souvenir.

For those who cannot attend the event during the given time slots, HEO offers three “customized” sessions each month. Any visiting parties of 20 people or more can pre-register with the agency and arrange for the tour during desired time slots.

To register online, please visit the event’s Chinese page ( You can also call HEO (TEL:02-2725-8184) or Vision Union Company (TEL:02-2581-1365) to sign up for the activity. 


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