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TAIPEI Spring 2022 Vol.27

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Spring in Taipei is much like the blooming of the season's perennial flowers. The city experiences a palpable and visible change, as the weather warms and the cool gray of winter is replaced by vibrant colors and upbeat attitudes.

To experience Taipei in the springtime is to see this diverse, inclusive capital through lenses of countless different shades, and in this issue, we present to you these many-splendored viewpoints.

Much like the city itself, Taipei's clean and convenient metro mass transport system is bursting with color. Wandering the city in springtime is as simple as choosing your favorite color-coded line, hopping on, and consulting our spring cover story, with tours for every hue Taipei's MRT has to offer.

The cityscape, too, comes alive with color during the spring season. From the yellow sulfur of the Beitou hot springs that heal body and mind, to the blue-ribbon waterways that crisscross the metropolis, and on to the various flower-viewing spots Taipei has to offer, we've got colorful features for all your can't-miss springtime explorations both indoor and out.

Moving on to all things both colorful and cultural that arrive with this season of rebirth and renewal, we check out the glinting gold of the costumes and the origins of Taipei's Golden Lion Group Ta-Long-Tong, and the charming red brick of the historic Minnan architectural marvels. And not to forget the most important color of spring — green — we also head for the verdant fields of a sustainable farm in Gaundu, snuggled contentedly within all the hustle and bustle.

When it comes to springtime food favorites in Taipei, it's very black and white. Check out our article on a couple who has made silky-white tofu their life's work, and dive into a story on one company with a mission to promote Taiwanese coffee both at home and abroad.

Finally, a carpenter brings us deep into the city both literally and figuratively, on the lookout for old houses decorated with the warm texture of wood.

If you're a spring arrival to Taipei, count yourself lucky. There is no such thing as a bad time to come to this multi-colored, multicultural city, but springtime might just be the best of all.


-Please wear a mask and follow the epidemic prevention regulations imposed by the government when going out during the pandemic.

-There are many private profile pictures published in this issue, hence no masks are worn by the figures present.

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