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TAIPEI Winter 2022 Vol.30

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Winter is a busy season in Taipei, with the city’s major events easily filling up people’s calendars. In the spirit of these festive times, all of these happenings are imbued either with illuminated decorations or alluring lights. 

We begin with our cover story, focusing on the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei themed “Light Up the Future.” As Taipei’s first major international event in 2023, the festival’s significance is undeniable as the city welcomes back tourism and international exchanges. 

While the Taiwan Lantern Festival adds a luminous winter vibe, this issue also introduces six beautiful city and outdoor night scenes in Taipei as we delve further into the theme of “light.” 

Bald cypresses are a beautiful part of the winter scenery. We have selected the best places for bald cypress-viewing that can be reached via public transportation within Taipei City as weekend destinations. 

It should also go without saying that Taipei is a creative city! Taiwanese designer Apu Jan shares with us the development and status of the fashion scene in Taipei from a cultural point of view. And two music shops that have contributed to the music renaissance movement uncover the reasons behind their preference for audio cassettes and CDs rather than digital music. 

Taipei is taking big strides toward becoming green. We'll look at the city government’s efforts to pursue environmental sustainability, and also introduce an innovative zero-waste shop, “San Shi Living Lab,” that has been promoting packaging-free and plastics reduction for years. 

We will also introduce selected restaurants from the 2022 Michelin Bib Gourmand Award list for Taipei and late-night restaurants in the districts where the Lantern Festival's main exhibitions are located. 

Lastly, we invite Japanese editor/reporter Yaeko Kondo, a long-time resident of Taipei, to speak about the reasons why she loves living in this capital city. 

This winter issue brings together a variety of “light” in different fields, and each article shines with its own color. 


Please follow the epidemic prevention regulations imposed by the government during the pandemic. 

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