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TAIPEI Spring 2023 Vol.31

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Every city has its own unique charm, and Taipei is no exception, having long been world-famous for its gourmet cuisine as well as its friendliness, safety, and convenience. In the last decade, international media has repeatedly named Taipei one of the most livable cities in the world, as more and more people from around the globe make this place their home.

That's why the theme of this issue is “Cozy.” We examine the city from four different angles — public art, transportation, food, and healthcare — and invite four Taipei residents to tell us just what makes this city such a wonderful place to live.

Taipei's architectural landscape features a fascinating mix of styles, both new and old. In this issue, we present an introduction to a few examples of Taipei's modern architectural marvels.

Modernism aside, Taipei is also a treasure trove of historical riches. Adjacent to Dadaocheng sits the Dalongdong Baoan Temple. Temple president Liao Wu-jyh takes us on an informative tour of the temple's history and unique architecture, as well as the 2023 edition of the Baosheng Cultural Festival.

A city's intellectual character is manifested in the reading habits of its inhabitants. We invite long-time editor and strategist Jenny Lee to share with us how she promotes reading in Taipei.

What’s more, Taipei possesses a very diverse population. As the number of migrant workers continues to grow, the government has implemented care and counseling programs targeted at them, while the non-profit startup One-Forty offers learning opportunities to make their lives in Taiwan easier.

In the section on gourmet cuisine, we take a look at two delicious favorites: dumplings and Taiwanese pastry.

And finally, our interview with one of the many expatriates in Taipei, Tim Berge, a Taipei resident who is currently general manager of a radio station, gives us a glimpse on his observations regarding life in the city and points out why Taipei is a wonderful place to travel or live.

We hope that this issue of TAIPEI will instill in you what makes Taipei such a fascinating and pleasant place to live.

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