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Taipei Childrens Amusement Park 臺北市立兒童新樂園

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Taipei Childrens Amusement Park
Childrens Amusement Park merupakan taman bermain orang tua dan anak di Taipei, didalamnya terdapat 13 jenis sarana permainan, area bermain dan theater anak yang gratis, pada akhir pekan masih banyak atraksi gratis lainnya.

Taipei Childrens Amusement Park

Childrens Amusement Park sistem pembayaran menggunakan Easy Card, dengan Easy Card maka dapat dengan mudah memasuki area taaman bermain, naik sarana permainan, serta transaksi pada beberapa toko yang ada. Selain itu, juga tersedia food court, minimarket, toko cinderamata, dan 20 gerai penjualan lainnya !

Taipei Childrens Amusement Park

Sisi utara Childrens Amusement Park adalah Jihe Road bersebelahan dengan Shuangxi, sisi barat Jihe Road bersebelahan dengan Meilun Park, sisi selatan adalah Shishang Road bersebelahan dengan Science Education Center, pengunjung bisa naik MRT turun di Jiantan atau Shilin kemudian berpindah dengan menggunakan Shuttle Bus.

Taipei Childrens Amusement Park

Taipei Childrens Amusement Park


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No. 55, Section 5, Chengde Road, Distrik Shilin, Kota Taipei Taiwán, R.O.C

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  • blessiea2018

    Jenis wisatawan:

    En familia

    Small area with many fun rides


    Very clean place, not too big so it is not tiring to walk, but plenty of rides: Ferris wheel, drop thingy, carousel, swing, airplaney ride where you can press a button to make it go higher, spinning teacups, bump cars, roller coaster, train that goes all around the park, and many more. Playground was under maintenance when we went, too bad, it looked like a fun area too. Taxi is very easy to get, but bring a translator app if you do not speak Mandarin, because hardly English is spoken anywhere. The squat urinals were also interesting, especially because they allow you to completely avoid touching the seat, and the flushes are designed to be stepped on. Plenty of water fountains. Day pass was well worth it even if we only stayed 4 hours, but if you want to pay per ride, buy Easy Card before coming here. Plenty of machines to reload card inside, but you must have the card on hand. My kids were aged 4 to 15 and we all had fun.
  • jkl615

    Sídney, Australia

    Jenis wisatawan:

    En familia

    Interesting enough for at least half a day!


    All rides could be paid for by a smart card, including EasyCard, which allows paying fares for all public transport around Taipei. Entrance is an additional NT$30, payable also by EasyCard and so ticketless also. Rides are classified for children based on height and numbered for easy reference: most ranged from NT$20 to NT$80 per ride. Street performers have booked sessions that would be announced periodically before each sessions. There was indoor facility as well and I gather bookings via an app would help with planning for the day, although we lined up for all the rides and the worst wait was ~30 minutes. There were lots of photo points and some parts were being renovated still and so were not opened. I see rooms for ongoing improvement, which makes returning in the future a must!
  • maryyeo

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Jenis wisatawan:

    En familia

    Currently in transition with many shops closed... rides still working. Robocar Poli lovers will like it.


    We had very fond memories of our visit to this park last year because of how well it was run and the affordable prices benefits all visitors on a budget. We decided we had to return this time round and were rather disappointed because: 1. The free indoor soft play playground which I was super impressed with from how well it was run and maintained is now closed, supposedly for renovations that will finish by Jan 2020. 2. Many cool stores selling various snacks on the first floor, as well as a big TOMICA specialty store on the third floor closed down too. So it looks a little sad to see most of the shops closed, kind of decreases the festive mood. 3. Even one of my favorite features of this amusement park - the food court offering a variety of affordable meals now only has two or three stores open. Chatted with the store owner selling the really cute and heart-warmingly, individually prepared kids' set lunches (she individually decorates the rice as little rabbits or dolphins coupled with some veg as trees) and found out that the government who has started this amusement park for their citizens has now outsourced it to a third party who will now runs the park based on "a new model". It's like a cliche yet true story that the local storeowners who lent a unique, friendly neighborhood vibe to this place now has to give way to the big players who can afford high rents and sell yet another "typical franchise/fast food" dish at higher prices. On the bright side: 1. Robocar Poli is the current theme on the Ferris Wheel and their mascots will come out at about 2pm to meet and greet the kids. So if your kids like these characters, they'll be thrilled. 2. The hourly paid indoor soft playground on the second floor outside the food court is still open. Good for ages 7 and below. 3. A really cool touch screen gourmet coffee machine has just set up right outside the food court. Good prices and really good coffee. I only hope I know where to find more of this vending machine! Hope the amusement park will be in good shape when we visit next time!
  • getoutthere21

    Falls Church, Virginia

    Jenis wisatawan:

    En familia

    Good for young kids at the right height


    As a family with a 10 year old and 7 year old boy, our oldest could ride everything in the park and did so, although he was a bit too big for some of the rides. Our youngest whole he would’ve had a great time but did not make the weight requirements. Boo!
  • littlecloud22


    Jenis wisatawan:


    December promotion 200 NT Day pass


    Rides more suitable for kids 5-10 years old. The promotion for December is worth it as it is unlimited rides plus entrance fees. No need to pay per ride.

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