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Quest Processing Principles:

  • Thank you for writing us. To ensure your rights and avoid waste of administrative resources, please provide us with your correct full name, contact number, and a clear statement. We will process your quest as soon as possible.
  • Quests that involve incomplete, false or any information that violates the Administrative Procedure Law will not be considered. Within the scope of Personal Information Protection Act, your personal information will only be used within the department that is responsible for processing your quest. It will not be used for any other purpose nor be revealed to the public.
  • Quests sent to this mailbox will be processed during 08:30 AM to17:30 PM on regular working days.
  • A specialist dedicated to the management of this quest mailbox will receive and sort emails to different categories according to the nature of quests received on a daily basis. Quests regarding the usage of the site will be processed and replied within three working days. Others will be processed as soon as possible as well.
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