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Pasar Malam Raohe (Raohe Street Night Market) 饒河街觀光夜市

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Raohe Street Night Market adalah Night Market pada awal Taipei, banyak kuliner yang tidak boleh terlewatkan. Ada Oyster Vermicelli yang terkenal, Usus tang gurih dan renyah, baikut tim obat dengan berbagai herbal china, tidak ada bau amis, menghangatkan badan di musim dingin; Kepala bebek Dongshan, daging yang kenyal lebih enak jika didinginkan; daging kepiting yang sangat sehat, tauwa tradisional yang nikmat, dan kuliner lainnya yang tak terhingga jumlahnya.

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Raohe Street, Distrik Songshan, Kota Taipei Taiwán, R.O.C


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G Songshan-Xindian Line SongShan

BL Bannan Line Houshanpi

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  • flower_2B



  • Larry-Calif

    San Francisco, California

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    Friends getaway



    Our group tour ended at the oldest night market in Taipei right after dinner. Everyone was still full from the famously dim sum at Din Tai Fung. Ugh!! With the gentle night air, light strung overhead on both side of the street, wondrously aroma waffling overhead, and noise level excitement you can tell that Raohe Night Market is still a pretty good market. It is only 2,000 feet long and takes only 10 minutes to walk the entire length without stopping, but you will miss everything! Since there was a good size crowd, I took my time checking out the various food stalls with baked, grilled, roasting items as well as fresh fruits and drinks and vendors selling electronic accessories, clothing, and kitchenware. A favorite night market snack the Black Pepper Bun are stuck to the inside of small tandoor-style ovens and bake for 20 minutes. Ideally, it should be crispy and golden brown on the outside, with a juicy spiced pork and green onion filling. Mine was charred black in certain spots on the outside (oven too hot or baked too long), but the inside was very juicy. I must try another in another night market. Hmm...what is that strange smell? Love it or hate it — the deep fried Stinky Tofu the classic Taiwanese night market snack. The odor comes from fermentation and it really taste better than it smells. Eating pickled cabbage balances the stinky tofu. Our group of friends enjoying trying new items never found at our home town. The night market is an ideal place for grazing as a group. Usually everyone wants a bit or two, not the whole order since there is so much more to see and taste. It is fun to try. The Ciyou Temple is a prominent landmark with all lights on at night. The temple was founded in 1753 is located at the east end of the night market. It is worth seeing. The 6-feet high “LOVE” sign is located in front of the changing multi-color Rainbow Bridge (pedestrian) spanning the Keelung River. It is less than 4-minute walk from front entrance of the Raohe Street Night Market. This place is wonderful for photo op in the evening. It is great fun time with FRIENDS and FOOD ... at the Roahe Street Night Market.
  • PaulSiow

    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Another famous night market in Taipei


    We find this night market better than Shilin night market. Tried many food, milk tea, snacks etc here. At the entrance, there was a stall selling pepper pork pie that had a very long queue. We bought some and it was nice.
  • aflyer20


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  • CdnLovesTravel787

    Vancouver, Canada

    One of the best night markets in Taipei


    Before the green metro line was built, you had to take a bus or taxi to get to this night market; now with an extended green metro line, it makes it so easy to get here. Songshan Metro Stop (not Songshan Airport stop) is the last station east on the green metro line and the night market is just next to the stop. I thought the carnival like Raohe Night Market was going to be only food, but it turned out to be two rows of food carts lining the 600m street, only in the middle, between non food stores, with lots of tables & chairs for customers to sit and eat at too. It is a very long walk from one end of the market to the other. Regular non food stores run on either side of the carts. On one side of the street are stores selling footwear, clothing, electronics, toys, souvenirs, underwear, herbs, medicines - you name it. On the other, are restaurants mixed in with same, even fortune tellers are there. Young locals like to come to this market as it checks off all the boxes of being a great night market, offering the most popular Taiwanese foods. It’s been said that generally, locals usually do not frequent night markets because within their own neighborhoods, most foods are already offered there. Many view night markets more for tourists and young on dates. The Taiwanese love their own foods too, more than anything foreign offered to them. Although the famous Shilin Night Market is the biggest of them all, Shilin is very difficult to navigate, tends to be overwhelming, and you can get lost. Raohe makes it simple and easy to figure out - you just walk down one side and back the other side. Metro is only a block away too. There is also a very beautiful temple at the entrance to this night market.

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