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신의상가는 타이베이의 가장 최근에 발전한 중요한 신흥시장으로 많은 백화점이 이곳에 밀집되어 있으며 현대감각의 대형빌딩과 넓은 거리와 각종 매장이 쇼핑하기에 매우 적합하게 배치되어 있다.

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부모 - 자식 교육、사회과 견학
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1년 내내
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일요일 24 시간 영업
월요일 24 시간 영업
화요일 24 시간 영업
수요일 24 시간 영업
목요일 24 시간 영업
금요일 24 시간 영업
토요일 24 시간 영업

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인근 MRT 역

R 단수이-신이 선 타이베이101/세계무역센터

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  • ElaineWei


    여행자 유형:




  • lapyang

    Morgantown, Virginia Occidental

    여행자 유형:

    En pareja

    Night time shopping paradise


    The shopping district was nice during the day but it really came alive at night. Lit trees, giant screens, street performers...etc. Plenty to do after dinner.
  • SurfingWild

    Bandung, Indonesia

    여행자 유형:

    En familia

    Fabulous shopping district


    Probably the best shopping district in Taipei City due to the large amount of attractive modern shopping malls all located together and close to Taipei's iconic Taipei 101 building. The Taipei 101 mall is perhaps the most exclusive with lots of designer brands. Beside it is the Breeze and beside that is ATT 4 FUN which was our favourite shopping mall as it had many Japanese stores inside including a Studio Ghibli store and a GU and actually advertised the fact that a Uniqlo will soon be opening up here. Just north of this is Mitsukoshi which is really large or long I should say with two main buildings. Beyond this are even more malls and perhaps the best Eslite Bookstore in Taipei, although this one is not open 24 hours like the one at Da'an. If there is one place to shop in Taipei then this is it. We pan to be back and my wife already knows which stores she plans to visit for her next shopping spree.
  • bcheong

    Bangkok, Tailandia

    여행자 유형:

    En pareja

    Luxury and more


    This is the largest shopping area in taipei. Not a street, but blocks of malls, so it’s confusing. Most of the luxury and mass market brands are here. Along with restaurants/cafes, cineplex, eslite bookstore etc.
  • bcheong




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