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Cảnh đêm Dương Minh Sơn 陽明山夜景

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Cảnh đêm của Dương Minh Sơn rất nổi tiếng ở thành phố Đài Bắc, đi thẳng lên đại lộ Ngưỡng Đức, ven đường đều có thể ngắm cảnh các chòm sao lấp lánh trên bầu trời và ngọn đèn hải đăng nhấp nháy của thành phố Đài Bắc, nơi có thể ngắm cảnh đêm còn bao gồm sơn trang Bạch Vân, bục ngắm cảnh hồ Trúc Tử, trước đường Vĩnh Công, Lâm Ngữ Đường, đi một vòng Công viên Dương Minh Sơn về phía khu vực Đỉnh Hồ hoặc Bắc Đầu. Ngoài ra, khu du lịch Nhị Tử Bình, Kình Thiên Cương do bởi góc nhìn rộng, có thể nhìn ra xa, cũng rất thích hợp để ngắm trăng. Sau núi Đại học Văn Hóa là nơi mang tính đại diện nhất, bởi vì gần với lưu vực Đài Bắc, cộng thêm đủ độ dốc, giống như nghiêng mình ngắm cảnh đêm, có cảm giác rơi vào trong cảnh đẹp thơ mộng với ngàn ánh đèn lửa chỉ trong nháy mắt.

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No. 55, Huagang Rd., Yangmingshan, Khu Sỹ Lâm, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan

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  • MartinG1984

    Bratislava, Eslovaquia

    Nice hikes and views


    The park offers a lot of nice hikes and views. It is served by public transportation, so you can easily find transportation from one place to another. In general though it is not too exciting, and I would say any mountains in Europe/America offer the same or better scenery and hiking. Still a nice thing to do though!
  • julesclose

    Singapur, Singapur

    Loại hình du khách:

    En familia

    Beautiful scenery and wonderful weather


    A lovely place with fresh air, good views in the cool of December. Suggest to layer your attire as it can be chilly at times when it’s windy but warm when the sun comes out. Most locals pack a picnic / snack to sit and enjoy while they are there.
  • rudokae

    横浜市, 神奈川県

    Loại hình du khách:




  • maryyeo

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Loại hình du khách:


    Easy to hike as paths are well-built and well-maintained, Many different gorgeous spots to visit


    The idea of hiking a mountain with two city kids below 5 years old NEVER crossed my mind. We were so glad we did the one-hour 1.6km trail from LengShuiKeng to QingTianGang and it was unforgettable. Tiring but satisfying, a metaphorical badge of honor for us and the little ones to encourage each other that we had accomplished this, and surely we can overcome other mountains/obstacles together as a family too. And since we didn't initially plan to hike, so we brought along our stroller that we had to lug up all the steep mountain steps. On hindsight, better not to bring it or to leave it behind in your full-day booked car. For non-experienced hikers, you'll be pleased to find that the trails are very well-marked with clear distance-markers along the way and relatively easy to follow. For those who don't intend to hike, almost all spots are reachable by car, such as: (1) Datun Nature Park - for its pristine lake (2) Xiaoyoukeng, means "small oil pit" on Mt Qixing - highest point in Taipei and able to see the rest of the mountains, especially famous for the sulphur-dioxide 'yellow gas' emitting from the fumaroles on this old volcano. Pretty cool sight and so many people taking wedding photos here with the ethereal-looking smoke and mountain full of bushy cat willows in the background used for Sun Yanzi's famous MTV. (3) Lengshuikeng, means, "cold water pit" - dried up lake's landscape and some hotsprings (4) Qingtiangang Grassland - where the cows graze. Therapeutic views. (5) LUNCH @ 华之友自然景观农园 - 'Singaporean zichar' aka casual dining in a mountain top garden cafe (6) Shimendong - on a beach at the foot of the mountain (7) Baishawan Beach + North Coast Exploratorium We only ended up visiting (2), (3), (4) and they were GORGEOUS, passed by instead of visiting Shimendong and Baishawan as those involves too much walking, went to Linshan Cape and Isabella cafe instead, and ate at "Cao Ni Ma", a petting cafe with super friendly llamas - to cover in its own review.
  • 71aaront


    Beautiful Park


    Took a bus from the city to Yangmingshan Visitor Centre, then hopped onto bus service 108. First stop at 竹子湖 (Zhuzihu), thereafter decided to explore the rest of the part on foot. As it is not the right, didn't get to see the full blossom of 海芋 (calla lilies), which would have been a spectacular sight. On to 小油坑 (Xiaoyoukeng) where the volcanic craters lie. That's also the start of the trek to the unmissable 七星山 (Seven Stars Mountain), which took me slightly over an hour to reach its peak, along the way greeting many hikers. The view at the top of the mountain, at 1120m above sea level, was spectacular and that must be one of the highlights of the trip. Descended the mountain on another trail to get to 冷水坑 (Lengshuikeng) - the hot spring named Cold Water Pit for its relatively colder temperature. On the way detoured to 梦幻湖 (Menghuanhu), a small and quiet lake. The other highlight is 擎天岗 (Qingtiangang) - a mountain-top grassland offereing amazing views of Yangmingshan National Park, where cattle graze on the grass leisurely. Make it the last stop, and hop back onto the bus that takes you back to city. The ascent to 七星山 (Seven Stars Mountain) could take more than one hour and the descent about the same. So set aside at least 7 hours if you want to explore all the attractions at a leisurely pace. As I was on foot, I had to skip a few spots due to time constraint.

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