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Post date:2024-04-19



Event Time
Tue – Sat 12:00 - 18:00
Event Location
No.28, Lane 770, Beian Road, , Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Double Square Gallery is delighted to announce the dual solo exhibition of Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux, titled Synergy, which will run from April 13 to May 25, 2024. The exhibition marks the two artists’ first collaboration with the gallery together, which adopts the form of a dual solo exhibition featuring more than forty pieces of sculptures. Known for her use of marble, Sah injects a unique force of life into her works through the rhythmic contour of her sculpture that conveys a sense of Zen and softness. She interprets the concept of minimalist aesthetics by crafting precise, refined, and fluid lines to express the serenity and equilibrium discussed in Eastern philosophy through distinctively exquisite textural changes. Bertoux has long engaged in architectural design and public art. His work reflects a profound understanding and mastery of the relationship between artwork, site, and environment. He is known for exploring diverse forms and structural possibilities through reason and logic to highlight the rich three-dimensional spatial imageries presented by his works. This exhibition draws inspiration from the interweaving structure of organic elements unveiled by the philosophical idea of “synergy,” while investigating the manifestation of this idea in the dichotomous narratives of human thoughts. Merging the Eastern and Western styles of the two artists, the exhibition demonstrates the ample imagination of both independent artistic practice and collaborative creative work, showcasing a new realm resulting from co-existence and negotiation.

The exhibition explores how people need to look at details to gain a full picture when trying to understand something, and how difficult it is to grasp a whole structure directly. The summation of the whole is not just a logical process of addition but the collective result of organic interactions between separate elements. This interactive relationship surpasses any specific individuals or elements and transcends into a higher-level existence, displaying the complexity and uniqueness of a whole. The artists compare such interaction to the effect of “synergy” when one plus one equals three—thus, the artists emphasize how they are able to carry out individual art practices whilst living and collaborating with each other, and how they, as a team, can produce new heart-touching value through their interactions, joint effort, as well as inevitable trade-offs.

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