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6 FAQs

  • Where can I stay in Taipei?

    You can search our extensive list of accommodations in Taipei from the Accommodation section under the Travel Query tab. Searches can be narrowed by location and key words.

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  • ▲How to choose a legal charter company?

    1. How do I choose legal charter tour services?
    Travelers should choose charter tour services provided by a travel agency accredited by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and sign a contract with the travel agency. The travel itinerary and transportation services should be arranged by the travel agency.

    2. Can I arrange charter tours through a tour guide?
    Tour guides are not allowed to arrange, plan, or promote charter tour services on their own. Tour guides should be hired and assigned by travel agencies, or recruited by government agencies or organizations to perform tour guide services.

    3. Can I arrange charter tours through a taxi company or a taxi driver?
    According to legal regulations, non-travel operators are not allowed to operate travel business. Taxi companies or taxi drivers are non-travel operators, so they are not allowed to manage charter travel services.

    4. If a taxi driver has a tour guide license, can I arrange charter tours through him/her?
    Taxi drivers are not allowed to arrange, plan, or promote charter tour services on their own. Even if the taxi driver is qualified by the National Professional and Technical Examinations for Tour Guides, passed the training, and holding the tour guide license, he must be employed by a travel agency or temporarily recruited by government agencies or organizations to perform tour guide services.

    5. Can a taxi driver provide sightseeing and interpretation services?
    If a taxi driver charges by the meter, introducing the attractions and shops along the journey, without arranging the itinerary and accommodations or charging extra fees or receiving rewards from any restaurants and hotels, then the free suggestion of itinerary and narration of tourist sites based on the taxi driver’s knowledge will be considered as personal added-value services.

    6. How do I arrange a charter tour through a travel agency?
    Travelers should choose charter tour services provided by a travel agency accredited by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and sign a contract with the travel agency. The travel itinerary and transportation services should be arranged by the travel agency. If the travel agency cooperates with a taxi company, the agency should send the itinerary that travelers purchase to the taxi company through the order form. The taxi driver should pick up the passenger at the time and location of the appointment, and follow the assigned schedule.

    7. How do I pay for a chartered tour?
    Before the departure, travelers should complete the payment to the travel agency which provides the charter tour service. After the completion of the tour, the travel agency will pay the taxi company and the taxi company will pay the driver.

    8. Can I join charter tours provided by a hotel?
    Please confirm in advance whether the charter tour service provided by the hotel is planned and provided by a legal travel operator. In order to protect your rights, please choose the charter tour service provided by legal travel operators.

    9. How do I know the legitimacy of charter tour advertisements?
    Please confirm whether the charter tour advertisement has the company name of the travel agency (Consolidated travel agencies are allowed to use registered service label to replace the company name), the type of travel agency and the registration number.
  • Where can I see traditional dramatic or acrobatic performances in Taipei?

    Taipei Eye
    Location: No.113, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Information line: (02)2568-2677
    Where can I go bike riding in the greater Taipei area?
    Rental information: Please bring photo identification or a NT$2,000 deposit. Rental areas

    Dajia Park:
    Drive north up Jianguo North Road to Binjiang Street and enter Water Gate 9 water gate.

    Huachung Park:
    Go down Wanda Road towards Chunghe until arriving at Hwachong Bridge. Walk along the bridge and take the path to the bottom and enter the Hwachong water gate and immediately turn right.

    Guanshan Park:
    Drive to water gate 6 on Tayou Road. Enter the water gate and immediately turn left.

    Muzha Park (Holiday stop):
    Take the MRT Muzha line to Taipei Zoo Station. After getting off, walk across the street towards the large-vehicle parking area to the riverbank.

    Meiti Park(Holiday stop):
    Take Jingye Third Road to the end, enter the water gate and make an immediate left. Or, make a left at the end of Jingye Third Road and get on the highway. Then, after passing the dike, go into Meiti Riverside Park.

    Huajiang Park:
    Go to the Huajiang, Banciao Bridge and from the side road, turn right into Chiang Tzu Tsui water gate and turn left.

    Chenglin Station:
    Go by the Banciao river road towards Shicheng and cross Chenglin Bridge. After going up a little further, enter the riverside park.

    Erchong Waterfront Park:
    Take the Sanchong, Zhongshan Bridge and take the side road below the bridge, pass number 8 and go on until entering Shuhong Way.

    Left Bank of Bali Station :
    Go to the embarkation point for the Danshuei Ferry and board the ferry to Bali. Upon arrival, disembark and proceed to the meeting house then keep going for about 5 minutes.

    For more information:
    Cycling Life-Style Foundation Tel: (02)2719-2025 Web:

    Where can I find out about the dates, organizers and other information on exhibitions in Taipei?

    You can get information on conferences and exhibitions in Taipei from the Exhibitions section of the site.
  • Is it easy to get around in Taipei? What are the public transportation options in the city?

    Taipei offers a dizzying range of transportation options for both in-city and inter-city travel. The city bus and MRT systems are fast, convenient and cheap ways to travel in town. Taipei is also a hub for rail (Taiwan Railway and Taiwan High Speed Rail) and air service to other destinations in Taiwan. For more information check out the Transportation section under the Travel Query tab.
  • How are the recommended attractions and businesses recommended ranked on this site?

    Anyone who visits Taipei Travel Net can vote for their favorite sites, shops and eateries by clicking on the "Recommend" button for the site/business (One recommendation per person per day). The rankings are for reference only.

    How can I sign up for the Taipei Travel Net Travel e-Newsletter?

    You can sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter from the Interactive section of the site. Just fill in your email address and basic information.

    What is the RSS function on Taipei Travel Net and how do I use it?

    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based content delivery system. Just download an RSS reader and then you can subscribe to our RSS service to receive all of the latest visitor information.
  • Where are the Taipei City visitor information centers located? What kind of services do they provide?

    There are 13 visitor information centers in Taipei. The centers offer a variety of information to help you make the most out of your visit, including brochures, books, maps, tour suggestions, web searches, and other resources on accommodations, events, scenic sites, shopping and dining. For more information on individual visitor information centers, check out the Taipei Visitor Information Center page under the Travel Service tab.

    I'm planning on visiting Taipei within the next few months. Where can I find out about upcoming festivals and other major events?

    Upcoming festivals and other major events sponsored by the Taipei City Government are introduced in the Events & Culture section of Taipei Travel Net to help you plan your trip to Taipei. Events are arranged by season and updated information is announced on the homepage banner links.

    Where should I go in Taipei for fun and food?

    There are nearly endless tourism and dining possibilities in Taipei. You can explore Taipei's cultural side at the many age-old temples, historic sites and world-class museums in the city. To enjoy the city's scenic charms, you can take a river tour, get back to nature along a forest trail, or head to a city park. Check out the Specialty Tours section for more information on city attractions arranged by tour type. You can also find out more about the amazing array of culinary choices in Taipei from the Dining section of this site.

    Where can I get information on bicycling trails in Taipei?

    The Bicycle Tour section of Taipei Travel Net provides information and downloadable maps for bicycle tours in Taipei. The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of the Taipei Public Works Department also provides an excellent brochure guide on city bicycle trails. You can pick one up at the HEO's River Administration Section (8F, Southeast Wing, No.1, City Hall Rd., Xinyi District) or request copies by mail (include a larger-than-normal return addressed envelope and postage: NT$7 for one copy, NT$10 for two to four copies, and NT$20 for five copies). We can help you with the mailing. For more information, call: 1999 (in Taipei City) or (02) 2720-8889 ext. 8186 (from outside Taipei City).

    How can I get to the National Palace Museum using public transportation?

    From the homepage type "Palace Museum" in the search box and select the first item on the search result.