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The Taipei Joint Bus System includes general routes, trunk routes, MRT shuttles, mountain buses, recreational buses, and small buses. It is your best option to explore Taipei City.
The bus fare of the Taipei Joint Bus System is based on sections (fare zones). For 2-or-more-section routes, the additional sectional fare is charged at place of alighting if the trip crosses the interaction point (or buffering zone).



Bus fare is paid in cash or with contactless smart cards on board.

  • 1.Coin:

    One-segment ticket, regular NT$15; Two-segment ticket, regular NT$30; Three-segment, NT$45. Most passengers will only need a One-segment ticket. The bus driver will notify you if you need to pay more for a Two or Three-segment ticket.
    ※Note: Be sure to have the exact ticket amount as buses will not give change.
  • 2.Electronic payment:

    Just lightly swipe your card over the sensor zone, and payment is automatically completed with the beeping of the reader.
    ※Note: Passengers using smart cards have to swipe their cards upon both boarding and alighting from the bus. They will receive a transfer discount for the MRT, bus, and YouBike within one hour after alighting from the bus.