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Technique Queer Theory I: Q.O.O

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Post date:2024-03-14



Technique Queer Theory I: Q.O.O
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 10:00 - 17:00
Event Location
No.1, Syueyuan Rd, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
"Technique Queer Theory I: Q.O.O" invites seven artists to explore the boundaries and examinations of Taiwan's modern relational technologies and emotional perception structures under multiple modernities.

Technique Queer Theory draws on Yuk Hui's cosmic technology theory to reflect on the survival techniques and cosmological possibilities for those living on the margins and the different, planning to continue alternative knowledge production through curation, art, and other means. It supports the self-empowerment and creative production of the despised and queer, aiming to address the happiness of queer individuals and how it can be made possible.

The interweaving technologies of modernization and globalization in social systems, political economy, and cultural production form a perceptual norm, structuring a universal interpretation of love. However, queerness inevitably faces failure within this paradigm, necessitating a survival technique and a personal cosmos to construct a transcendent belief.

Thus, "Technique Queer Theory I: Q.O.O" is based on the discontinuity issues of emotional structures and history in Taiwan within East Asia, hoping to diffract the island's emotions and desires for love, to mend and decolonize love and self-fragmentation, and to highlight the island's diverse and complex relational patterns. Furthermore, the exhibition project aims to explore the relationship between contemporary art creation and gender theory, encouraging artists to think beyond narratives of the body or desire, to perceive the boundaries of the structure of love and desire, and the various issues behind these struggles.

#Q is for Quantum #Q is for Queer #Q is for Rebounce #Q is for Endless Inquiry

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