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Visit Tianmu to View the Calla Lily Flora Design Exhibition!

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Post date:2020-02-21



As the flowering period of Zhuzihu’s beautiful white calla lily at coincides with the western Valentine’s Day and White Day, white calla lily has already become a symbol of happiness and romance. Department of Economic Development (DOED), Taipei City Government; Beitou Farmers’ Association; and department stores and shopping district in Tianmu, Taipei have joined forces to successively present the flora designs of calla lily in local department stores and shopping district. Other activities, such as calla lily exchange voucher and calla lily giveaway, will also be held to warm up the upcoming 2020 Yangmingshan Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival and Hydrangea Festival, and to celebrate the romantic Valentine’s Day with everyone.

Today (February 14), SOGO Tianmu Store will hold a music performance and give away 100 Zhuzihu calla lilies to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the audience. From February 20 throughout March 4, customers whose purchase with Happy Go card has reaches the threshold will receive a limited calla lily exchange voucher by presenting the receipt. From February 28 to March 3, calla lily flora design exhibitions will also take place next to the west side park gate. Everyone is welcome to come here to take photos and check in on social media.

Starting from the February 28 holiday to March 25, Dayeh Takashimaya will invite Celine Liu from WM studios to design the Flower Whispers Check-in Wall at the Zhongcheng gate on the first floor and in front of the central elevator on B1 and the twelfth floor. From March 6 through 14, artists Chen Yu-Lan and Chen Hui-Mei from Mami Flower Design School will display the Flower in Taipei x Tianmu – Calla Lily Check-in Wall at the plaza on B1. During the exhibition period, visitors who have taken photos with any one of the aforementioned flora designs and openly checks-in at Dayeh-Takashimaya on either Facebook or Instagram while tagging “Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government – Taipei Food and Fun” will receive a limited calla lily exchange voucher.

Prior to the Women’s Day (March 2-8), Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tianmu Store will exhibit the flora design of calla lily at the plaza on the 1F of building A. Furthermore, the lecture on “Frogs in the Sea of Calla Lilies” will be conducted on March 7 to introduce audience the stories of little green frogs inside the calla lilies and the natural ecology of Zhuzihu. From March 9 until the White Day, limited calla lily exchange vouchers will be handed out in supporting the activities. On White Day (March 14), the calla lily flora design class will be held in collaboration with flora shops in the Tianmu shopping district to facilitate the visitors with the stunning beauty of Zhuzihu’s calla lilies.(Note: The activities of each department store will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation)

Zhuzihu’s calla lilies and hydrangeas have attracted thousands of tourists every year. This year, calla lily and hydrangea festival will be held from March 27 to June 21. As 70-80% of Zhuzihu’s calla lilies have already bloomed due to the warm winter, citizens are invited to come to Zhuzihu to relish Yangmingshan’s cherry blossom, harvest Zhuzihu’s calla lilies and savor local delicacies. The DOED will unveil a series of calla lily festival-related activities. For the latest information on 2020 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival and Hydrangea Festival, please refer to the DOED’s official website or “Taipei Food and Fun” FB fan page.

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