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Time-Limited Sea of Flowers and Installation Art at Guting Riverside: Visit and Take Stunning Photos Until End of February

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Post date:2024-01-31



The Guting Riverside Sea of Flowers has always been a must-visit floral destination in Taipei City. This year, it enjoys a creative upgrade with a variety of art installations, making the floral display even more captivating! Highlights include a large boat-shaped observation deck and an impressive arrangement of 49 straw bundles, adding unique visual elements for striking photos. As dusk falls, the area transforms with the illumination of large colorful illuminated balls, accompanied by tents adorned with string lights, creating a magical atmosphere that elevates the charm of the sea of flowers. Come and immerse yourself in this enchanting floral experience!
The Guting Riverside Sea of Flowers in full bloom until late FebruaryThe Taipei Hydraulic Engineering Office (Taipei HEO) has not only created a captivating flower sea spanning approximately 1 hectare (about 10,000 m²) this year but has also introduced several large-scale installations. For the first time, a viewing platform has been set up, allowing visitors not only to get up close, but also to enjoy a sweeping panoramic view of the entire sea of flowers. With the introduction of a 360-degree panoramic shooting mode, coupled with the return of the dazzling light display from last year, featuring globe lights nestled among the flowers like spotlighting blossoms, the variety of colorful blooms is further accentuated. The flower viewing period at the Guting Sea of Flowers will continue until late February 2024, providing ample opportunities for everyone to capture stunning photos!

According to the Taipei HEO, in addition to familiar flowers such as petunia, mealycup sage, and spiny spiderflower, the sea of flowers also features green manure crops commonly planted by farmers during fallow periods (garden cosmos and yellow cosmos). Additionally, edible herbs (Guizotia abyssinica and mountain marigold) have been incorporated into the sea of flowers area, serving not only as decorative elements, but also for environmental education. The string-like flowers of Salvia Jemima's Gem and Willowleaf Angelonia not only provide a stunning visual sensation, but also offer educational entertainment.
Tents adorned with strings of lights bring a romantic touch to the sea of flowersThe Taipei HEO points out that this year's creation of a rural country ambience along the Guting Riverside has included the installation of 49 straw bundles, as well as several picnic tables and resting tents, creating a picnic feast in the field of flowers. String lights on the picnic seats give the impression of picnicking and flower appreciation under starlight, creating a romantic atmosphere. The boat-shaped observation deck allows people to gaze at the flower sea from a distance and serves as an excellent photo spot. The white boat body, combined with colorful flowers, resembles “breaking through the waves” in the sea of flowers.

The Guting Riverside Park is just a 10-minute walk from the MRT station and the bustling Gongguan shopping district. Why not plan a weekend getaway to appreciate the flowers and light displays along the riverside? Take the chance to explore the Gongguan shopping district, savor local culinary delights, and combine the pleasures of chasing the wind, admiring the scenery, and indulging in delicious food for a relaxed and enjoyable weekend.

The latest blossom updates are available: Taipei HEO Official Facebook .
Taipei Riverside flower viewing map: [Link].
Flowers IN Taipei: [Link].
Yellow cosmos are a key highlight in the cosmos sea of flowersSearch on Google Maps:

1. Riverside Basketball Court at the Guting Riverside Park (PLUS CODE: 2G7G+Q7, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)

2. Heart-shaped Arch at the Guting Riverside Park (PLUS CODE: 2G6H+R2, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)


1. By Bus: Take bus routes such as Small 30, 895, 311, 311 Shuttle, 254 Shuttle to the “Museum of Drinking Water” stop. Walk about 10 minutes along “Siyuan Street” towards "Yongfu Bridge.” Enter the Guting Riverside Park through the “Yongfu Bridge Downward Steps,” turn right after descending the steps, and you'll find the Guting Riverside Sea of Flowers.

2. By MRT: Take the Songshan-Xindian Line, get off at “Gongguan Station,” Exit 4. From “Roosevelt Road Section 4 Lane 24,” turn right into “Dingzhou Road Section 3,” then turn left into “Siyuan Street.” Walk about 10 minutes towards “Yongfu Bridge.” Enter the Guting Riverside Park from the “Yongfu Bridge Downward Stairs,” go down the embankment stairs, turn right, and you will see the Guting Riverside Sea of Flowers.

3.Taipei City Riverside Bike Rental Station: Jingfu Station

4. Youbike 2.0 Stations: National Taiwan University Archives Hall Station, Taipei Water Department Station, National Taiwan University Hsiu Chi House Station, Beside 11-1 Shuiyuan Road Station, Gongguan MRT Station (Exit 4), Taipei Water Park Station