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TAIPEI Quarterly 2024 Spring Vol.35

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Post date:2024-03-11


TAIPEI #35 (2024 Spring)

Spring — Rejuvenate in Taipei's Verdant Charm

Spring is the perfect season to experience the vibrant and lively atmosphere of Taipel. In this issue's cover story, "Spring Days & Green Healing on Yangmingshan," we explore the lush greenery of Yangmingshan area by taking readers on a journey through its ecological habitats, top flower viewing spots, and local specialty shops. By embracing a green and sustainable approach to travel, visitors can truly rejuvenate themselves in the magic of nature.

Speaking of springtime rebirth, what better way to embrace the season's charm than with a picnic on the city's lush lawns? Whether you're spreading out a blanket for a lazy read or enjoying a picnic on a sunny afternoon with friends, it's the perfect way to soak up the refreshing ambiance of spring.

In 2023, Time Out hailed Zhongshan as one of the top 40 coolest neighborhoods in the world. It's a place where numerous historical buildings have withstood the test of time, and where the past seamlessly meets the present. See how this thriving district connects to Chifeng and Nanxi commercial districts, blending elements of tradition, vintage charm, and pop culture to showcase the spirit of Taipei.

Just as vibrant and electric is the art of street dance, which has become widely popular in Taipei in recent years. In this issue, we take you to the mecca of Taipel's street dance culture and guide you through its fascinating evolution from an underground subculture to a public art form across the lively city.

By contrast, paper offering is an ancient art form with a rich heritage spanning centuries. We take a look at its role in folk customs to unravel the emotions and cultural significance it encapsulates. Through the unique lens of artist Zhang Xu Zhan, we find out how he breathes new life into this almost forgotten traditional craft by offering a fresh interpretation. 

In the new year, the Taipei City Government has rolled out new policies focusing on athletics, transportation, and carbon reduction, with the recently inaugurated Taipei Dome set to emerge as the primary venue for international-level events. Join us as we step inside this state-of-the-art arena to explore its world-class facilities.

Taipei's cuisine is world-class as well, and this multi-faceted city is currently experiencing a green dining revolution, where every dish is created with an eco-friendly focus on sustainability. We've curated a list of the five leading green restaurants in Taipei just for you.

Finally, we enter the daily life of Japanese floral designer Takako Mine, who has lived in Taiwan for 13 years. With her keen observations and tips for flower arrangement, readers are invited to explore the aromas and unique characteristics of Taipei's flora through the changing seasons. 

In the TAIPEl Spring 2024 issue, we invite you to witness the thriving green healing energy blossoming throughout the city. Join us!

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