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TAIPEI Autumn 2023 Vol.33

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Exploring Taipei's Autumn Charms

Feel the cooling embrace of autumn as it sweeps over Taipei, inviting outdoor pursuits and urban escapes. The verdant charm of Guandu offers a welcome respite from the departing summer heat, boasting the city's sole paddy field and hosting captivating events like the Guandu International Nature Art Festival and the Taipei International Birdwatching Fair. A leisurely riverside bike ride to Guandu Wharf and the scenic Guandu Riverside Park unveils the city's natural oasis.

In the tapestry of Taipei's architectural history, the Xinyi District emerges as a canvas for international architects. Beyond the iconic Taipei 101, Taipei Nan Shan Plaza and The Agora Garden are indispensable. Additionally, the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel and the soaring The Sky Taipei are shaping the future form of the city's skyline. The neighboring eastern district comes alive with Nuit Blanche Taipei in October, a vibrant fusion of arts, shopping, and culinary delights centered around the Taipei Dome.

Meanwhile, Guting is a haven of traditional Japanese architectural gems that intertwine with the city's sense of modernity. This issue delves into the intricate histories of these residences and explores century-old churches, a testament to Taipei's architectural legacy fused with diverse cultural influences.

In the same vein, renowned calligrapher Chu Chen-Nan has left his artistic imprint on Taipei's landmarks, including Taipei Main Station and Taipei City Hall's grand lobby.

In late October, Taipei hosts Southeast Asia's largest Pride Parade, drawing LGBT+ organizations and advocates from around the globe. This 21-year milestone celebration is explored through a conversation with the Taiwan Equality Campaign, offering insights into the city's LGBT-friendly environment.

Speaking of big draws, Taipei's gastronomic scene allures food enthusiasts from every corner, offering an array of culinary experiences around the clock. For the Mid-Autumn Festival, we present a handpicked selection of barbecue destinations perfect for your Taipei journey.

As all of this comes together, the international media gravitates toward Taipei, and rightly so. Freelance journalist Alice Herait shares her perspectives on media, daily life, and the cultural contrasts between Taiwan and her native France.

Whether indulging in events, savoring diverse cuisines, or embracing the city's dynamic contrast of tradition and innovation, this autumn issue serves as a beacon of inspiration for those eager to explore Taipei's multifaceted charm.

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