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City Ciphers─Captured by the Lens

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Post date:2023-09-21



City Ciphers─Captured by the Lens
Event Time
Tue. - Sun. 10:00 - 18:00
Event Location
No.39 Chang-An West Road., Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The Boulevard du Temple , the earliest surviving photograph of a cityscape to include an image of a human, was taken by Louis Daguerre in 1838, and since then 185 years have passed. Photography, which was limited to specific machines and materials in those days, has made rapid technological advancements, with multiple ways available now for producing and attaining images. This particular photograph, albeit plain and simple, still suggests the historical processes and technological dilemmas that are unavoidable when interpreting the work, which also highlights its value in terms of the evolutionary expansion and the deepening of meaning that are naturally linked to the genre of urban photography that has subsequently unfolded in diverse and vibrant ways.

Looking back at the changes and development of photography genres, interior and exterior urban views and streetscapes, spaces, partial areas, features of life, and human activities have always been subjects actively explored by photographers all over the world. The practice of photography also involves macro/micro adjustments of distances, day/night selections, viewpoint/perspective positioning, and random/static switches, with unrestricted sprightly expressions showcased in interdisciplinary exhibitions with mixed media. Urban landscapes, spaces, alleyways, time-specific scenes, portraits, urban textures, random street photography, and other genres are progressively and exquisitely realized and widely recognized in various photography works created in different parts of the world.

This exhibition has brought together the following nine photographers from the four countries of Taiwan, France, Japan, and Malaysia: Takahiro Mizushima shares with us Alley Chief which integrates portraiture photography with painting; Tang Yi-Choon’s Street Corners is based on the artist’s observations of street corners in lanes and alleyways; in Strolling Through Chifeng , Lee Ya-Yen deconstructs the area known as the “Blacksmith Street”; Ho Hung-Chin takes to the nighttime streets in Night Excursion ; Chen Yan-Cheng presents up-close observations of buildings to show their intricate textures in Urban Grilles ; Lin Hsuan-Lang roams freely and collects what’s seen in Xinzhongshan Fusion ; in Gods of Commerce , Huang Yu-Hsiu searches for altars in commercial spaces; Hubert Kilian lingers in a traditional space that he calls Interior Metropolis ; and inside a room at the Royal Inn Taipei Nanxi, Chen Shu-Chen overturns, deconstructs, and vividly compiles Royal Fantasy in the limited space. Created at the Royal Inn and between the Metro Zhongshan Station and Shuanglian Station, this community art project responds to the creative approach and genre-specific features mentioned in the beginning, and under limited resources and conditions, this collection of new photography works expands from the inside to the outside, from far to near, from figurative to abstract; the artworks are ambiguous but also forthright; they are pure and mutated practices of photography.

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