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Post date:2023-10-18



Event Time
Tue.-Sat. 11:00-19:00
Event Location
1F, No. 15, Ln. 548, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Mysterious shadows lurking in various scenes in life; we catch a glimpse and lose sight of them in the next moment, somehow still able to decipher their physical form. Taking place in an underground exhibition venue, Jam Wu: Shadow Puppeteer employs shadows as puppets, rendering the core of subconsciousness in the human body. Shadow Puppeteer (2023), the main installation in this exhibition, comprises lofty screens scattered in the space, where the “shadow puppets” ritualistically guide the viewer around, evoking the monochromatic environment from Through the Walls (2021), his previous solo exhibition at TKG+ Projects. Artificial color spectrums are refracted in this desolate altered state, while agile silhouettes alternate between dance moves and instinctive motions, becoming shadows steeped in symbolic intent. Under Sunlight (2023), on the other hand, documents the performers’ forms under natural light. Each of these bodies embarks on a journey of their own life, as if emerging from a wormhole towards the end of the exhibition space, encountering an everyday moment of sunset.

The artist’s notes during rehearsals of these works are as follows:

Shadow Puppeteer: The twilight of a mystic

Cave Digger: Before a new kind of despair comes in a renewed form

Nomad: Futuristic ruins, synchronously logging out

Soul Harbinger: In harmony with the mundane

Alter Ego and I in the Eyes of Others: Hence a visceral depression

Grandmother: Just like that, the scene was switched

Wallwalker: The others involved in the others

Puppeteer: Sea of chaos, coming with empty hands

Vagabond: I freshen up, I unfold

Aphasic: Crevice, backlight, and wall of authority

Angel of Suffering: Reality and imagery perplexingly entwined

The Stateless: A sentient spirit that has been extracted

Pattern Cutter: I once gently touched the warm sand
Well Digger: Deep into the woods linger the haunting shadows
Sound Mimicker: God’s Meta Eye
Ferryman: An inverted sentence made of imagery
Draftsman: The inevitable fusion of voiceprints and hoofbeats
Snow Shoveler: If dreams are the reassembly of memories

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