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Post date:2023-10-26



Event Time
Tue. - Sat. 13:00 -18:00
Event Location
No. 20 Wenhu Street, Neihu Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Mind Set Art Center is set to present the artworks of Ioan De Moisa in the gallery’s One-Piece Room to mark the end of autumn. This will be the artist’s debut in Taiwan. Moisa blends the realistic composition and free-flowing paint brushes in abstract expressionism in his work. The intertwining of brushstrokes and color patches allow the artist to unleash his imagination. He once traveled to Indonesia and Africa. The experience has had a profound impact on his creativity and he later on made a series of paintings in which he mixed the foreign landscapes with that of his homeland. The series also helps him to further discovery himself.

Two diptychs will be exhibited by turns: “Snowy Hills in Latent Space” and “Untitled”. Both are set in Moisa’s hometown in Transylvania. In “Snowy Hills in Latent Space”, the artist has portrayed expansive snowscape and distant hills with several tall plants and red flowers in the foreground. Moisa has specifically used dried sunflowers to embellish the image, which resemble that of the bamboo poles used in a traditional celebration in Bali, Indonesia. Each year on Hari Raya Galungan, a local festival, the Indonesian locals decorate their doors with bamboos, coconut leaves and banana leaves to symbolize a sense of happiness and prosperity. In the painting, the land exhibits a strong vigor despite it being covered in snow. The artist himself appears in the painting, donning local clothing as he joins the celebration. The image symbolizes his search for himself in the wide world. In Moisa’s other painting, “Untitled”, the artist paintings his homeland with a sense of mystery and unease. The work is Moisa’s homage to renowned German-Danish painter Emil Nolde. The intertwining of red, blue and white light in the frame is obscure in its significance. It could be interpreted as a view of sunset, or a fire breaking out in a distant mountain. Perhaps Moisa’s statement could best sum up his intention, “The image is minimalist and meditative, an inner place where one can retreat from the deafening bustle of everyday life.”

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