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In Depth

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Post date:2023-11-07



In Depth
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 12:00-18:30
Event Location
141 Min Tsu W. Rd, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
In the world of contemporary art, we often talk about depth. This term not only describes the richness and depth of a work visually but also explores the profound connection between art and life, the mind. The exhibition "In Depth" reflects the pursuit and exploration of "depth" in the art world. This theme goes beyond the visual presentation of artworks and focuses on the profound journeys that artists undergo in the creative process.

In this exhibition, you will be presented in the works of eight Japanese artists. This includes the artists' deep reflections on life, emotions, and the inner world, as well as their profound insights into various themes and issues. The works convey multiple meanings, sparking deep contemplation and resonance in the viewers. Moreover, the exhibition itself serves as a medium for dialogue between the audience and the inner worlds of the artists. Through the artworks, the audience can feel the emotional expressions of the artists and attempt to understand the meaning and stories behind the works. This interaction not only enriches the viewers' art experience but also encourages a broader public discourse and exploration of art.

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