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Ana Teresa Barboza & Rafael Freyre: TROPICAL STATION

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Post date:2024-02-17



Ana Teresa Barboza & Rafael Freyre: TROPICAL STATION
Event Time
Wed. - Sun. 13:00- 18:00
Event Location
No.5, Lane 67, Section 1, Jinshan S.Rd, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Nunu Fine Art Taipei is pleased to present Tropical Station: A Common Habitat/ In A State Of Latency, a multifaceted, long-term project by Peruvian artists Ana Teresa Barboza and Rafael Freyre reflects their commitment to an ecological agenda. The show opens on March 2nd. 

Artists Ana Teresa Barboza and Rafael Freyre, drawing on Peru's ancient pre-colonial traditions and intricate ecological environment, have developed two series of works— A Common Habitat and In a State of Latency—in response to urgent environmental issues.

Tropical Station: A Common Habitat was first presented as the prototype in Miami in December 2023. In a State of Latency, is the first solo exhibition by Ana Teresa Barboza in New York. These exhibitions offers an interwoven artistic narrative on themes of nature, culture, and environmental awareness.

Tropical Station: A Common Habitat  

Tropical Station: A Common Habitat is an installation based on observations and experiences that artists Ana Teresa Barboza and Rafael Freyre cultivated during their exploratory journeys to the tropical Pacific ecosystem of northern Peru. This immersion enabled them to develop an understanding of the complex cultural and biological fabric of this region, as well as its relationships with other cultures and territories, such as Ecuador, the Amazon rainforest, and the various Pacific islands connected by ocean currents.

The artists’ research began by developing an experimental housing prototype, where they currently live. Tropical Station is a post-urban habitation imagined for the future, designed to adapt to the impacts of climate change. After spending various periods over almost four years in this station, a house conceived as a flexible oceanic and climatic observatory, Barboza and Freyre have created an installation composed of pieces based on "cohabitation": sharing space with local plants, animals, and communities.

Many of their home’s physical elements echo those of ancient handmade structures, such as columns and beams made of bamboo and mud walls. The installation's video powered by solar panel illuminates how Barboza and Freyre have long used digital media to disseminate information about this remote region's biodiversity and traditional knowledge globally.

The artworks in Tropical Station: A Common Habitat represent traditional activities such as fishing, gathering shells, loom-weaving with native cotton, making pottery with clay from the Andes, and basket-weaving with vegetable fibers from, primarily, the Amazon rainforest. The installation also includes pieces that focus on the region’s endangered animals and plants, such as the Chilalo bird and the carob tree.

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