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Taipei Zoo 臺北市立動物園

The Taipei Zoo is one of the ten largest municipal zoos in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. Getting there is easy: just take the MRT Muzha Line southbound all the way to the terminal station. As the zoo is home to more than 400 animal species, rest assured there’s plenty to see!

The zoo includes 7 indoor exhibits, each with different themes.At the Insectarium you’ll meet several butterfly species unique to Taiwan. Next, you won’t want to miss the hugely popular Koala House and Penguin House. There are also two giant pandas from China! These animals are the Zoo’s resident celebrities, so be sure to check them out!

The star of the zoo used to be the Asian Elephant “Grandpa Lin Wang,” who lived to the ripe old age of 86. Lin’s longevity—20 years older than most Asian Elephants—was hailed by zoologists as a miracle. After his death, Lin was stuffed and put on display, and now enjoys the distinction of being the world’s largest stuffed Asian Elephant! You can see him on display in the Education Center.

Apart from the indoor exhibits, the Taipei Zoo also features 8 outdoor exhibit areas. The latter are divided according to geographical environment, and possess educational value both as exhibits and ecological environments. The “Children’s Zoo,” “Formosan Animal Area,” and “African Animal Area” are the most popular, according to Internet voting. The Formosan Animal Area includes endemic species like Formosan sika deer, Taiwan macaque, and Swinhoe’s pheasant. These animals can only be found in Taiwan—definitely worth a look!


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  • Weng845

    Cabanatuan City, Philippines

    Traveler type:


    Pandas, penguins, koalas, hippos, zebras plus a lot more!


    It was a short visit as we have a flight to catch but we definitely enjoyed it. We strolled quickly around the zoo for only 1.5 hours so we just visited selected areas like the temperate zone animal area, Africa and Australia animal areas. Of course, we did not miss to drop by the penguin, giant panda and koala houses, they are just so lovable. We also had fun watching the herd of hippos when they were released to eat grasses. There are zebras, giraffes, turtles and a whole lot more. It’s our first time to see the red panda, so cute. We weren’t able to look into the bird world and a few more other areas but nevertheless we really had fun. I would recommend entering the zoo from the Taipei Zoo South Station via the Maokong Gondola. This will bring you to the southern and higher elevated end of the zoo. You can ride the shuttle train for a minimal fee to take you to the temperate zone animal area first then go down the koala house last and grab some snacks and souvenirs before finally exiting from the main entrance. The experience of riding the gondola going to the zoo was just so exciting that you must try it.
  • Cams R

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Awesome visit!


    I actually enjoyed my visit in Taipei zoo alone though it was very hot. Was able to see the pandas, koala, wolf, and penguins! There’s a lot resting areas in the zoo and water refilling stations.
  • Jeffrey Y

    Traveler type:


    Worth visiting


    I agree with some writers here that visiting this zoo is a whole day affair or maybe a 5hrs affair like it was for me. 😀 Entry is via tickets which is cheap at NT60 or if you own an easy card you can use it. I visited the zoo on a Monday and discovered that it isn't a good day to visit as some of the animal exhibits closes on the Giant Panda House is closed on the first Mon of the month...the penguin house closes on the second Mon...the amphibian and reptile house closes on the 3rd Mon...and the Insectarium closes on the fourth Mon of the month. Getting there is a breeze as it is easily accessible via Taipei Metro last station of brown line. The animals were slèepy and tired when we got there probably because it was drizzling slightly. Only 2 pandas were visible and they were sleeping. The koalas were motionlessly perched up at a pole. Even the Australian kangeroo...I could only see 1...was lying down on a grass patch. It was my first time seeing a kangeroo lying down. Were the other animals active? Well yes...the chimpanzees, birds, butterflies, giraffes, hippo and tortoises. The male and one female were resting. The zoo is big and there's a tram ride which costs NT5 per pax. There's also a gondola ride which starts at MaoKong which unfortunately closes on Mon for maintenance except the first Mon of the month. Thus in general don't visit the zoo on Mondays unless you are afraid of the crowd like me. Absolutely no crowd on Mondays...I guarantee you. 😀 In conclusion, is it worth visiting? Yes, for the kind of price I am paying I think it's worth it. If you're looking for action at the zoo then don't bother to visit...go to the S'pore zoo. But if you're interested in animals and wish to learn about the various types of animals then this place is a must. 😀
  • Joel d

    Traveler type:


    Nice place


    Good and nice place to visit in taipe, i was surprised, just for a small amount of NT$60, you can go around the whole place. It was also a nice thing to know that this is the biggest zoo in asia.
  • mening j

    Kuching, Malaysia

    Traveler type:


    Easycard easy access


    Spend a whole day on Sunday. Easycard(more convenient) for entrance fee shuttle bus within the zoo. There are few stations for rest and drink. There is water dispenser at few rest stops. The labelling in the zoo is very clear. Make it easy to know where you are heading.

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