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2019 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

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2019 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival
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Dihua Street Shopping District , Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Inspired by welcoming the year of the pig, 2019 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival in Dihua Street is featured with three porcine "Nian Shou"(beasts). Each represents certain Chinese New Year traditions, anticipating visitors making creative feast, DIY Chinese calligraphic couplets and participating in shopping contest. Dihua Street is connected further with surrounding 9 districts by AR game, third-party payment, and radiant outdoor decors. In association with local business community, the festival provides safe and comfortable venues for visitors to join and feel the atmosphere of joyful celebration, highlighting festivities and a better Chinese New Year shopping experience. (7 sections included, with opening press conference, 4 sections of street shopping scrutiny, press introductory, and universal-friendly cultural exploration.)