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【2020 Intern Travel Diary】One Day Bike Trip in Neihu

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Post date:2020-08-07


Travel days
1-Day Tour


Between rivers along the streets,
1-day biking trip to explore Neihu

~WORDS & PHOTOS:Taipei American School~
~ Duolong Yang(楊道隆) and Ian Ho(何丞) ~

Themed Itineraries : Nature, Biking, Street View, Food, Relax
Travel days : 1 Day

【 Introduction 】
Dahu Bihu Meiti Riverside park
*Order Reversible
With the billowing trees overhead, the silver water shimmers in the sun. Such scenic views can be found in Dahu, Bihu, and the Meiti Hebing park, three large bodies of water all in the Neihu area. The lakes were built initially by the government for disaster prevention, a format that came from Japan allowing for evacuation to more spacious areas. The paved hiking trails in nearby hills and Chinese style pavilions on the water all provide a nice environment to work up a bit of sweat or relax with the view of water. 

While biking and circling the paved path around the lake may be nice, biking from the lakes to the river allows a simultaneous exploration of the Neihu district, a stark contrast to the city centers. The frequent YouBike stands around the lake make the biking trip all the more convenient.
【Dahu Park】
unnamed (7)
  • Highlights:
    Bridge and Pavillion
    Mountain Trail
  • Nearby Restaurants:
    Triple Cafe
    Shiluocantingatdahu park
    Buono Bella Italian Restaurant-Taipei
    Andrea's STYLE | MUSIC | CUISINE
    Ifun Cafe
【Bihu Park】
unnamed (5)
  • Highlights:
    Mountain Trail
  • Nearby Restaurants:
    Dahu Restaurant
    米粒 Mily
    珍珠菓子喫茶屋 - No. 38號, Lane 103, Section 2, Neihu Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 11463
    Mom’s Pie American Style
    Elephant Garden Neihu
    轉角串燒海鮮燒烤 (Corner Grilled Seafood)
【Meiti Riverside Park】
unnamed (4)
  • Highlights:
    Biking trail
    Basketball, baseball, soccer courts (along the river, not necessarily in close proximity)
  • Nearby Restaurants:
    Mitsui Cuisine Mingshui
    Marriott Hotel
【Side Stops Worth Visiting】
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  • (6:00 ~ 21:00)
    Xihu MRT station next to Lane 285 has a local market inside with varieties of local food, small items, and more.
    Nearby Lane 285, Section 1, Neihu Road, and many alleys along Neihu road feature multiple drink shops and Taiwanese snack stalls.
  • (8:00 ~ 10:00, Monday 8:00~11:15)
    The 737 Lane Food Street is another classic example of Taiwanese local market with a myriad of different food and ingredients for purchase.
  • (11:00 ~ 22:00)
    The Xue Xue institute is a good place for seeing modern Taiwanese art and creation. Xue Xue also has seasonal exhibitions on different floors.
    2F Taipei Glass and Dining hall with meal sets
    *Xue Xue employees also dine there. It may be crowded.
  • (11:30 ~ 14:00, 17:30 ~ 21:00, Closed Monday)
    TToriyoshi-kun Ramen is ever popular with its long lines every evening once it opens at 5:30 until it sells out. It is known for a chicken based broth with light, medium, and heavy options to choose from with chicken chashu.
【 Note】
Not all the paths between the locations contain biking trails.
There may be a need to ride on the sidewalk or on the road.


YouBike, 30 NT Fare, around 20-minute biking between each destination. MRT Brown line can take you to the lakes and river if unaccustomed to biking on sidewalks.
  • Meiti Riverside Park, stop at Jiannan Station
  • Dahu Park stop at Dahu Park Station
  • Bihu Park Stop at Wende Station.

    騎往河湖山水! 同時探索台灣街景

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