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☆Tour 4:Exhilarating Excitement

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Post date:2015-08-07


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Fun Taipei! Experience Taipei City Energy!

*Beitou / Hot Springs → Beitou/ Gourmet → Yangmingshan / Xiaoyoukeng → Yangmingshan/ Seasons → Shilin/ National Palace Museum

Take fancifully colored MRT trains from MRT Beitou to MRT Xinbeitou Station to explore Beitou District’s hot-spring district and heritage buildings. Enjoy a sulfur-spring bath and a hot -spring meal. Head to Yangmingshan and see its seasonally changing palette of colors. Visit the National Palace Museum and see the world’s best collection of Chinese art and culture.
★Beitou / Hot Springs 
Beitou / Hot SpringsA steaming thermal stream gurgles past the district’s Japanese-style buildings, open-air spas, Hot Spring Museum, aesthetically designed public library, the Japanese-era Long Nice Hot Spring bathhouse, and Yu You-ren’s summer retreat Plum Garden. Take a pleasant walk upstream to discover the source of Beitou’s hot sulfur waters in Thermal Valley.
★Beitou/ Gourmet 
Beitou/ GourmetBeitou offers hot-spring pleasures for everyone and every budget, from the Radium Kagaya and other upper-crust hot-spring spa hotels to the numerous public baths, storied heritage bathhouses, and hot-spring inns. Make sure to enjoy a healthy hot-spring meal and spa as well!
★Yangmingshan / Xiaoyoukeng 
Yangmingshan / XiaoyoukengTaipei’s Yangmingshan National Park covers an ancient volcanic landscape. The most popular scenic spots include Xiaoyoukeng, Lengshuikeng, and Qingtiangang. Getting there is easy! Take city bus 260 to the Yangmingshan terminus, then transfer to the 108 to reach all the park’s highlights
★Yangmingshan/ Seasons 
Yangmingshan/ SeasonsThe four seasons come in four colors: calla lilies in spring, peaches in summer, red maple leaves in autumn, and juicy citrus in winter. Book guided eco-tours, indigo dyeing DIY courses, and meals at Futian Village Eco-educational Leisure Farm.
★Shilin/ National Palace Museum 
National Palace MuseumThe National Palace Museum has 650,000 pieces in its collection, welcomes 5 million visitors each year, and is a major center for Chinese art and culture research. Silks Palace serves up splendid banquet meals and the NPM gift shop  offers exquisite replicas and creative items sure to be treasured across new generations.

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