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☆Tour 5: Islamic Tour-1

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Post date:2015-08-07


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Fun Taipei! Experience Taipei City Energy!

*Ximending → Dihua Street → National Palace Museum → Beitou

This itinerary, blending youth culture and Taipei nostalgia, starts in western Taipei and heads north through fashionable Ximending and the heritage commercial. district of Dihua Street, to the world-famous National Palace Museum, and finally to the city’s celebrated hot spring district of Beitou.
XimendingThis is Taipei’s epicenter of youth culture. Streets are crowded with youth-oriented boutique shops, snack vendors, and movie theaters. This is the place to absorb the dynamic vibes of young Taiwan!

【Where to eat】
Chang Beef Noodle Shop
Amba Taipei Ximending Chiba
★Dihua Street 
Dihua StreetThe century-old wholesale shops that line Dihua Street sell a delightful variety of traditional ingredients and natural medicaments. In recent years, new cultural-creative shops and cafés have added a new, modern sparkle to the area.

【Where to eat】
Amabassdor Hotel Taipei- Ahmi Café
The Regent Taipei - Azie Grand Café
★National Palace Museum 
National Palace MuseumThe NPM, Taiwan’s largest museum, is a major international center for research on Chinese history and culture. Each of the 650,000 items in NPM’s permanent collection is an irreplaceable , piece of Chinese cultural heritage.

【Where to eat】
Silks Palace at the National Palace Museum
BeitouThe distinct aroma of sulfur accompanies your late-afternoon arrival in Beitou – the perfect time to partake in one of the hot-spring bathhouses arrayed along Wenquan and Zhongshan Roads.

【Where to eat】
Atami Hotel Taipei Onsen

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