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A Journey Immersed in Contemporary Art

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Post date:2023-12-24


A Journey Immersed in Contemporary Art
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Itinerary:Lin An-tai Historical House & MuseumTaipei Rose Festival in the Xinsheng Park Area, Taipei Expo Park(season limited)Taipei Collectible Botanical GardenTaipei Fine Arts Museum(Wang Da Hong House Theatre)—MAISON ACME|Taipei Story House—Sanjiaodu Ferry Terminal(Mini Cultural Trip Culture Sites)Stargazing Rooftop Garden, Taipei Performing Arts Center(Mini Cultural Trip Culture Sites)Shilin Night Market(Cixian Temple) Bib Gourmand delicacies

The Lin An Tai Historical House, initially constructed in 1783, has a history of over 200 years. It is an exquisitely crafted two-entry, five-bay, four-sided courtyard ancient residence. In 2009, as part of the Taipei International Flora Exposition, it was repurposed into an exhibition hall with an expanded garden area. In 2011, the "Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum" opened to the public, becoming an important tourist attraction in Taipei City.

Next, you can head to Taipei Expo Park to appreciate different kinds of flowers and garden landscapes, relaxing their bodies and minds while immersing themselves in beautiful nature. They can also visit the Taipei Rose Festival at Xinsheng Park to admire a variety of exquisite rose breeds and vibrant blossoms, experiencing an atmosphere of romance and love.

Afterward, the Angel Life Pavilion in Taipei Expo Park is another excellent option. This themed pavilion showcases various uses of flowers and plants in daily life, enabling visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of different plant species and their characteristics.
A Journey Immersed in Contemporary Art(3)
You can also visit the Taiwan Native Plants Area at Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden, or explore the Taipei Fine Arts Museum designed by the renowned architect Gao Er-Pan. The museum exhibits numerous artworks by local and international artists, offering an in-depth exploration of the richness of Taiwan’s culture and art. Another fantastic option nearby is MAISON ACME, serving as an exhibition and performance space nestled among a combination of new and old contemporary residences, exuding an artistic atmosphere rooted in ancient architecture.
A Journey Immersed in Contemporary Art
To conclude the day, let's head to the Taipei Performing Arts Center to witness a diverse array of performances and cultural events, further delving into Taiwan’s cultural and artistic ambiance. Before concluding your journey, you can visit the Bib Gourmand eateries at Shihlin Tourist Night Market to relish classic Taiwanese specialties and delicacies, culminating in a delightful ending.
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