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Taipei City is in love with Sports

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Post date:2014-10-27


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A typical day in Taipei starts earlier than you think. 
          Amidst the first ray of dawn,
          Taipei's worker bees limber up in the outdoor squares 
          of National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,
          Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and other popular parks or public lawns. 
          Whether it's calisthenics, folk dance or Tai-chi 
          people of all ages exercise side by side 
          in a tapestry of diversity unique to Taipei.
Give Your Body a Thorough Workout!
Meiti Riverside ParkMeiti Riverside Park
Lying right off Keelung River's Watergate No. 16 and beyond Meiti Evacuation Gate, the Meiti Riverside Park not only commands a panoramic view of the landmark-worthy Taipei 101 skyscraper and Songshan Airport (which will thrill plane-spotters), it is also fantastic for waterfront activities, such as a casual stroll or a bike trip.
Dajia Riverside ParkDajia Riverside Park
The park is complete with basketball, tennis, badminton, gate-ball facilities and encircled by a kilometers-long bike path, with bicycle rental services available right on its premises. It is a popular and spacious weekend hangout known for highly accessible parking, scenic beauty and large-scale events that take place occasionally to celebrate Taipei's metropolitan vivacity.
Yingfeng Riverside ParkYingfeng Riverside Park
Featuring facilities for skating, softball, soccer, baseball, wood ball and miniature golf, this comprehensively equipped sports park has provided venues for many international sporting events, and is best known for Taiwan's first "leash-free sports park for dogs," divided into a big-dog area and a small-dog one. It is a fantastic place to spend quality time with family members or four-legged friends.
Huazhong Riverside ParkHuazhong Riverside Park
Boasting a Xindian River-facing campsite with a capacity of 800 persons, which is the largest riverside one in Taiwan and encircled by a waterfront bike path, this 12-hectare park is a multi-purpose recreational area that also features a bike rental station and facilities for mini soccer, beach volleyball, basketball and tennis. For Taipei residents, the park is a back garden of the ultimate leisure experience.
Work Out with Trainers
Work Out with TrainersAdrian Pilgrim -【Just do it !】
Romans had a saying that goes: "mens sana in corpore sano". It translates from Latin as "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Taking good care of your body nurtures a healthy mind. The connection between mind and body is so profound and runs so deep in us that the way we treat one of them reflects directly on the other. Taking care of our body is one of the best way to clear and keep our mind and emotions at peace and in a healthy balance!
Let's Get Physical!
An Archery Experience at Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports CenterAn Archery Experience at Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center (Appr. 1 hour)
The archery center of Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center has 30-meter, world-class shooting ranges and individual coaching. You may bring your own gear or rent it at the center for a practice session no longer than 1 hour.
Changing of the Guard at National Martyrs' ShrineChanging of the Guard at National Martyrs' Shrine (Appr. 30 minutes)
Standing perfectly still at the entrance to National Martyrs' Shrine, located near Grand hotel, are the well-trained honor guards: they show off jaw-dropping rifle-maneuvering performances with amazing precision, when they are changed every hour on the hour. They are a huge tourist draw for visitors from all over the world.
Exploring the Yuanshan Military TunnelExploring the Yuanshan Military Tunnel (Appr. 1 hour)
Starting at the entrance to Grand Hotel, the tunnel is a replica of the hotel's wartime shelter, currently integrated into one tourist attraction with the 500 Taiyuan Martyrs' Monuments and an archaeological site near Yuanshan Observatory. This 1.8-meter-wide, 20-meter-long scaled-down reproduction of a wartime tunnel gives visitors a realistic idea of how people ran for their lives during an air raid!
A Paintball Battle in NeihuA Paintball Battle in Neihu (Appr. 2 hours)
Neihu's 358 Paintball Center consists of small-, mid- and large-sized battlefields where customers can simulate a police round-up, conduct a match between two teams, or start a jungle fighting session. So put on your camouflage gear and visit Neihu for an adrenaline-pumping paintball battle with friends!
Rock-climbing at Taipei City Neihu Sports CenterRock-climbing at Taipei City Neihu Sports Center (Appr. 1.5 hours)
The indoor rock-climbing range on the ground floor of Taipei City Neihu Sports Center is designed for the whole family, while the 15-meter-high outdoor one ranks as the second most difficult in Asia and the most difficult in Taiwan with its world-standard wall leaning outward for a whopping 11.25 meters. Services at this rock-climbing gym are available on a reservation-only basis!
A Culinary Tour of Neihu's Lane 737 AreaA Culinary Tour of Neihu's Lane 737 Area (Appr. 1 hour)
Perfect for concluding your trip to Taipei, Neihu's Lane 737 Area serves inexpensive must-tries such as: pasta, steamed dumplings, Xiaolongbao buns and rice noodle soup, besides queue-worthy pork blood cakes and charcoal-grilled chicken cutlets.

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