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Runaway Anteater Found, Returned to Zoo

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Post date:2020-12-10


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


Xiaohung, the young anteater which has gone missing for several months, has been returned to her home at Taipei Zoo after being spotted by hikers in the mountains of Shenkeng on December 6.
Runaway Anteater Found, Returned to Zoo
Around 1 PM on December 6, the visitor’s center of Taipei Zoo received calls from Mr. Jiang and Mr. Hsu reporting a small anteater sighted near the Lin Family Grass Mansion. After studying the photos provided, the staff at Taipei Zoo confirmed the animal to be the missing Xiaohung.

A task force of 36 people was immediately dispatched to the location with appropriate equipment. The members successfully secured the anteater hidden inside a tree hole at 3:24 PM and brought it back safely to Taipei Zoo.

After arriving at the zoo, the anteater immediately underwent a series of checkup and physical examinations conducted by vets and caretakers. After living in the mountain for a prolonged period, Xiaohung suffered some minor cuts and lost about 1 kg, as well as showing signs of lower-than-usual body temperature and blood sugar level. She was immediately given blood transfusion and first aid, as well as kept in a warmer environment.

To satisfy the anteater’s appetite, Xiaohung was immediately treated to a meal of fruits, vegetable, and insectivore feed. The anteater displayed a healthy appetite for the matcha paste-like feed, though the caretakers have to remove some of the dishes from the animal over fears of overeating. After the feast, the anteater retreated back to her chamber and fell asleep. She will remain under surveillance by a mix of security cameras and patrols.
Runaway Anteater Found, Returned to Zoo
Once again, Taipei Zoo expresses its gratitude to the individuals who reported the sighting of the runaway anteater, allowing the young animal to return to the zoo after three months of voyage without a destination.