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Celebrate the New Year at an Enchanting Destination Be Mesmerized by a Sea of Hydrangeas in Neihu District

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Post date:2024-01-24



What better way to celebrate the new year than heading out on a flower viewing trip! The Taipei City Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) has created a wonderful floral wonderland in the Dagouxi Ecology and Water-Control Park (Dagouxi Waterfront Park) in Neihu District. Adorned with vibrant hydrangea flowers and seasonal blossoms in a riot of colors, the blooming floral landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful, setting a romantic ambience like no other. The flower viewing season is expected to continue through the Lunar New Year holiday.
Celebrate the New Year at an Enchanting Destination Be Mesmerized by a Sea of Hydrangeas in Neihu District
The Daguoxi Waterfront Park is situated in the downstream area of the Daguoxi River Basin, boasting of expansive natural environs such as mountains, forests, and creeks, drawing in many nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking to bask in the natural splendor. The park has now been transformed by the HEO, with almost ten thousand pots of hydrangea flowers and approximately five thousand pots of diverse seasonal blooms meticulously arranged to fashion an expansive heart-shaped floral spectacle. This scenic locale, crafted to evoke a romantic ambience, has become a sought-after Instagrammable destination. With a selection not limited to just pink hydrangeas, but also incorporating shades of blue and mixed colors, the arrangement, when observed from an elevated perspective, presents a distinct and heartwarming showcase, delivering a delightful and harmonious panorama.
Celebrate the New Year at an Enchanting Destination Be Mesmerized by a Sea of Hydrangeas in Neihu District
According to the HEO, the design of the sea of flowers utilizes the elevated points and flowering shrubs within the park to create a designated “photo spot.” A heart-shaped sea of flowers made up of hydrangeas has been crafted along the existing trails, allowing visitors to stroll through the flowers, take close-up photos with the hydrangeas, and encounter artistic rabbit-shaped installations among the shrubs. These installations add an exuberant and playful atmosphere to the sea of flowers, transforming it into a vibrant and cheerful destination during the chilly winter season.

The Daguoxi River offers picturesque landscapes with lush mountains and gushing rivers. The park area is rich in biodiversity and full of vitality. Surrounding the area are hiking trails leading to places like Dahu Park, Yuanjue Temple, and Bishanyan, offering opportunities for a day trip to experience the beauty of the suburban landscape, indulge in the tranquility of slow living, and enjoy a leisurely and carefree atmosphere.
Celebrate the New Year at an Enchanting Destination Be Mesmerized by a Sea of Hydrangeas in Neihu District
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Taipei Riverfront Sea of Flowers

Map of Flower Viewing Spots in Taipei Riverfront Parks


Lane 131, Dahu Street, Neihu District, Taipei City 103 (located outside the embankment of Dahu Shanzhuang Street.)

Search for “Dagouxi Waterfront Park”on Google Maps

Directions to Dagouxi Waterfront Park:

1. By Bus:

(1) Take Buses 247, 267, 284, 630, 677, Red 2, Red 31, and get off at Dahu Bus Stop. Walk along Lane 324 of Section 4, Chenggong Road towards the riverbank, turn right at the end, enter Lane 294 of Chenggong Road (approx. 280 meters), and proceed along Lane 294 of Chenggong Road to Lane 131 of Dahu Street. Turn left into of Dahu Shanzhuang Street (approx. 150 meters), then make a left turn to reach Dagouxi Waterfront Park.

(2) Take Bus Small 3 to Dahu Elementary School Bus Stop, disembark, walk towards the riverbank along Dahu Shanzhuang Street to the end (approx. 130 meters) to reach Dagouxi Waterfront Park.

2. By MRT:

(1) Take the Wenhu Line (Brown Line) to MRT Dahu Park Station, take Exit 1, walk along Dahu Shanzhuang Street towards the riverbank (approx. 750 meters), and you will reach Dagouxi Waterfront Park.

3. By Bicycle:

(1) Youbike 2.0 stations: Dahu Elementary School Station, MRT Dahu Park Station (Exit 2), Chenggong Park.

4. By Car:

(1) Use the navigation function on Google Maps and set the destination to Dagouxi Waterfront Park.

(2) Parking is available at Dahu Park Underground Parking Lot.