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TAIPEI Autumn 2020 Vol.21

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Taipei is a city where old meets new, and where the traditions of the past mingle with the evolving customs and attitudes of the present. It is a place where time- honored culture and history is passed on from generation to generation, and though the proverbial seasons may change, just as summer turns to present autumn, that immovable bedrock of identity remains.

To get a sense of just where Taipei derives its unique identity and to experience the history and culture from which it stems, let us take you on a journey through the five distinctive eco museums of this modern metropolis — enclaves charmingly preserved in the ways of old amidst the advent of progress and change. From Beitou in the north, through Dadaocheng and Bangka, on to North and South Towns, our cover story this season unveils these Taipei treasures that heave with stories of yesteryear.

In keeping with the theme of discovering the past, continue on to our feature on the Discovery Center of Taipei, or our “deep dig” on record stores in Taipei. If those are not enough to satiate your craving for Taipei’s past, delving into three more historical neighborhoods will be more than enough to fill your future itinerary.

This autumn, art lovers can revel in our guide to modern and contemporary art spaces, while architecture buffs can experience the city’s rapid evolution in our exploration of Taipei’s building evolution. Of course, though these pieces explore the changing face of Taipei, it wouldn’t be the autumn issue without a piece on the Moon Festival.

It is precisely this juxtaposition of holding onto history while allowing the stimulation of new, fresh culture that makes Taipei one-of-a-kind, and the city is filled with special people who spur those new aspects of urban life on. TAIPEI takes you to meet some

of those culture curators at Blue Note, ground zero for Taipei jazz. Meanwhile, we

also take a peek behind the curtain of Taipei’s “sickening” drag scene (and that’s a compliment, believe me).

Finally, we take a gluttonous trip through Taipei’s Street Food 2.0 scene, where past night markets and street stall staples are given a culinary makeover. We also take a look inside Taipei’s traditional markets, which for decades have served not only as the centers that feed the city, but also as places that facilitated social networking well before the days of Facebook and Instagram.

Past, present — why not appreciate both? In Taipei, you can.