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Fuyang Eco Park

Fuyang Eco Park is just a 5-minute walk from MRT Linguang Station. During the time of the Japanese Colonial Period to 1988, the site was used as a military ammunition depot. Later, it became the land designated for a park. The entire valley maintains almost the same ecological landscape that existed more than a hundred years ago. There are abundant plants in the park, with insects calling and birds singing, where natural resources such as low-elevation forests and streams are also preserved. The rare ecological park in the City is divided into several areas: Natural Succession Area, Butterfly Watching Area, Formosan Giant Flying Squirrel Observation Area and Taipei Tree Frog Observation Area. Other than tree frogs, butterflies and Formosan Giant Flying Squirrels, the Park has a total of 5000 trees covering 331 plant species, such as: Incense machilus (Machilus zuihensis), Formosa acacia (Acacia confusa), Turn In The Wind (Mallotus paniculatus), Elephant’s Ear (Macaranga tanarius), etc. In the surroundings, there are houses of the military dependents’ village, preserved forts, culverts and vicissitudinous stone steps. Marks of painstaking efforts made by the military officers are clearly evident. Standing among these old structures would give visitors an odd feeling of having a soulfuls communication with the older generation.


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Lane 272, Wolong St., Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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  • JiveSun

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Traveler type:

    En solitario

    In Close Proximity to Bus Lines and the MRT


    Fuyang Nature Ecological Park is easy to get to. Simply take a bus (e.g., #285) to Fuyang Street Entrance or the MRT to Linguang Station and walk up Fuyang Street to the end. Explore the biodiversity in the park and, if you wish, continue to hike up to Fuzhoushan Park to take in great views of downtown Taipei.
  • Howard W

    Traveler type:

    En pareja

    Peaceful park


    This place was ammunition depot and owned by military, and now it is an small forest park. There is a trail could let tourist to Fujhoushan Park where you will have nice view to overlook city and Taipei 101. The most famous creature here is Taipei Tree Frog, an endemic frog only found in Taiwan. How to get here : Take exit at Linguang metro station (Wenhu Line), then check the map at the station, you will find it takes only 5 minutes walk to the park. Highly recommended if you're tired of crowded city travel and despairing to look for a peaceful place to take a breath.
  • Tirell

    Berlín, Alemania

    Traveler type:

    Con amigos

    Hiking into a city jungle

    It's a rather small park but totally worth the visit. Fuyang Eco-Parc is located in a quiet area and may possibly not encounter a lot of people - it's relaxing to be away from the crowds for a while. The vegetation is awesome: the re-grown forest in what used to be a disposal area for Japanese ammunition makes you feel like in the heart of a tropical jungle. Make sure you're wearing decent shoes and bring some insect repellent as the mosquitos can be really nasty.
  • 允庭 蔡

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    Con amigos



  • 小柔 桑


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    En familia



    西松幼軍團狼寶寶的活動,謝謝團長邀請達人黃冠傑老師來導覽,爬到福州山公園高處,是適合拍101煙火的好地方,孩子們都很開心! 可以很近地觀察皇蛾幼蟲和攀木蜥蜴等,是很難得的體驗!

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