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Experience the Xikou Cultural Festival

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Experience the Xikou Cultural Festival!
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, Songshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Come and see the historical sights in Songshan District of Taipei during the annual Xikou Cultural Festival! 
Songshan was named by Japanese that originates from the word "Xikou" because of the similar scenery in Ehime Prefecture.

Xikou Cultural Festival has variety of innovation elements which includes the past prosperity, combination of surrounding attractions and
business area to build the Xikou brand and reputation.
The integration of different generations' culture and abundant appearances makes Songshan become a tourists’landmark in Taipei.

• Start from the center of Songshan's religious community—Songshan Ciyou Temple on Xikou Street.
• Keep the tour on Raohe St. Night Market
• Cross the lovely riverside park by Xikou’s Rainbow Pier
• Stroll around Songshan Station—conveniently located on the MRT Green Line, where you can:
• Meet local and friendly shopkeepers
• View other historical landmarks
•Shops, studios, and other creative businesses

Discover Xikou, one of Taipei’s best-kept secrets!
You may have been to other tourist attractions (ex. Dadaocheng Wharf), which are famous and popular already.
If you would like to experience something special and local, join us in Songshan District — Taipei’s new go-to place for fun and relaxation.
The Xikou Cultural Festival is happening right now. We’ll be waiting for you!

Experience the Xikou Cultural Festival!

Experience the Xikou Cultural Festival!



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